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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

OctoPoWriMo - Day 4 - (Traveling by Ink)

Today's prompt is very whimsical and faerie tale inspired. I certainly needed it today; something I can escape to, what with the political climate, the natural world rebelling, and the passing of Tom Petty (who hit me harder than I thought possible, especially since David Bowie and Alan Rickman's deaths last year). I just wanted to open what a doorway and walk or jump through. I am also hoping the Doctor will land the Tardis outside (or inside) my door and scoop me up. 

Anyway, Dear Readers, enjoy today's fare. Love me some love in the comments and me about a place to wish or want to travel to, or maybe a place you have traveled to recently.

Writing Prompts: between the clouds and the water, where poetry hides, fantasy location, vacation, in my world.

Traveling By Ink

Another world
where the clouds meet the earth--
a door opens,
leave this place for another
and somewhere 
you'll find
something important,
maybe treasures
or songs.

To write
of adventures to be had,
loves to be love,
or heartaches to live,
and makes living worthwhile.

Doesn't it?

from MorgueFile


  1. We all need an escape sometimes. I hope you found one in your poetry today. I want to travel back to the Azores. I love it there.

  2. Again you are so talented in so many ways

  3. I love the sense of mystery in this piece.

  4. I really like this poem, Cindy. We think of reading as taking us traveling, but writing and poetry surely do as well. And often we do find something important -- like how we really feel or what we think. A favorite line: "heartaches to live." Thank you. xoA


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