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Saturday, October 21, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 20 - Desires (Anatomy of a Kiss)

A day behind, but the topic is worth it. I don't regret anything, because a kiss is worth it.

Word Prompts: first love/first kiss/first time, hunger/thirst, craving, yearning, wanting

Anatomy of a Kiss

Somewhere between 
love is like that,
never satisfied
with a kiss
that'll last for less than thirty seconds,
but feel like a million and one years.

Tasting like, 
or raspberries,
maybe even cheesecake.
I never want to give it up.

A joyous outburst,
that won't be contained,
and why would you want it,
when flying is so much more.
Above the trees,
the clouds,
the stratosphere.

Breathing in,
breathing out,
I don't even care,
wet on warm,
breathe into me,
out of me--
one half of a whole.

Clarita from MorgueFile

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