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Friday, October 13, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 12 - (A Drive One Day)

I tried to write a sestina, Dear Readers, I tried. Alas, the inspiration that I had would not channel through this form. Every time I try, every time, well, I may get 1 good stanza, and then it just sort of falls apart. I wrote one once, a sestina, that is. It was terrible. I have mentioned it before on this blog, I won't bore you with it now. A sestina, while it is a very detailed form is just not for me. I would rather write a million sonnets or blitz poems, hell even a shape poem, just not a sestina. I'm sorry, Beverly! I tried. 

What poetic forms just don't work for you? Do you know why? What are your favourite poetic forms to write in? If  you not a poet, what do you hate to write, what do you love? Leave me a comment below. Enjoy! 

So, I the mean time, Dear Readers, I will present the poem I wrote out of the first stanza of the failed sestina.

Word prompts: joy, clouds, music, rocket, coffee, imagine

A Drive One Day (of Many) 

Should be relaxing,
not filled with 
pumping music, 
and questioning all of existence--
achieving the desire 
to work
to be productive
to feel alive,
but somewhere between coffee
and the wispy foggy clouds,
I am here,
extremely fast over the asphalt,
pulsating rhythms
and blood through my veins,
questioning always,
why the road 
looks more like a black sea
than pavement.

from MorgueFile

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