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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 28, 29, and 30: Poetry Slam (Poetry Trifecta)

Dear Readers, I have three poems to present to you. Why? Well, I got caught up in life and car repairs that take longer than planned. C'est la vie, then? I used all of the prompts in some way, although not all of the poetic form suggested. I really like a challenge, but this month has had its own challenges that I have faced. 

In a return to my theme of universes, I pulled from places that are like my own little universes, or pulled from my own internal universes. I'll let the poems speak for themselves. 

My question for you, Dear Readers, what universes exist for you? How do they work? What places-internal and external- are your haven, or healing places? Leave me a comment below.

from MorgueFile

Prompt: sea shells; Word Prompts: beach, ocean, shell, coast


Upon the sandy shores,
rocky too
the lakeside shores
where beginning meets the end,
like broken bottle turned to gem stones
and the discarded homes of lake life,
sea shells and beach glass
at home in Terminus.

Prompt: upside down; Word prompts: topsy turvy, vice versa, contrary, unhinged, muddled; Poetic form: Acrostic

Universal Within

Under the water, topsy turvy
Pressure building around the
Silence encasing me.
Inside, I am lost, contrary
Delveloping a complex, I guess
Even though I feel weak, life is

Daring me to try harder
Of the fears that have
Within and without--
Never will submit to being unhinged any longer.

Prompt: simplicity; Poetic form: Haiku

Simple Haiku

Nary a moment
that the universe won't speak--
just listen won't you.

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