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Sunday, October 8, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 6 - (Pain Adventures)

I'm breaking with the pattern Dear Readers. This is my month! Ah-ha!

Writing Prompts: Adventure, Headache, Dreams

from MorgeFile

Pain Adventure

There goes your plans,
when a headache
comes to call,
knocking on your eyeballs,
and cha-cha through your sinuses.

It's like a challenge,
not moving your head
when it aches,

Will it  take a bribe,
of something like currency,
in Advil,
or Tylenol?

Barter your way
to relief,
by trudging to market
with your wares
of Asprin and Heat
and hopes it is buying.

Only to find 
that it has long since left--
no heat left
and Asprin flung on the floor
and you overslept again.

Morning has come.

11:07 am

I hope you enjoyed today's poetic fare. Adventures of headache attacks! What do you do when you get a headache? How do you combat this petty to severe criminal? Leave me some love and a comment below. Thank you!


  1. I go through many of the same motions with a headach. Yes, it is like offering it bribes in the form of remedies you hope it will take! other things i've tried is laying in the tub with shower turned on, a damp washcloth over my whole face, positioning it in such a way that i can still breathe, but try to breathe through the cloth to draw moisture in. have also done micro-massage over the sinuses

  2. Lots of water, Aleve, and quiet in a dark room. Of course that's when I'm able, if I'm not it's just the first two.

    Love the playfulness even though it's a "sore" subject.


  3. I get migraines, so I can really relate to this poem. You hope and pray that the treatments will work, anything to stop the pain...


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