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Thursday, October 5, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 5 - Understanding (When I was Younger)

Today's Prompt: Brainstorm a list of the things you now understand that maybe you didn’t quite comprehend as a young person.

Simply put, today's poem in is the muses of an adult thinking back on the world as a child and the world as an adult. It's a good remind of the innocence of youth and the harsh realities of the adult. But, also, I'd like to think that I (and all of us) can remember that magical, whimsy even as adult, regardless of the state of the world.

Word Prompts: Magic, Skinned Knees, Candy, Small World v. Big World

When I Was Younger

When I was younger,
I could see
the magic floating on the air,
and politics never bothered me.

When I was younger,
a skinned knee
was the worst hurt in the world,
compared to that of a broken heart.

When I was younger,
a dollar could 
buy all the candy in the world,
today, ten will barely fill your gas tank.

When I was younger,
everything was so small,
now the world as we know it
is so much vast and scary.

from MorgueFile
Dear Readers, leave me a comment, or some love in the comments sections below. What about childhood do you miss, or remember fondly? What would you never want to return to (you don't have to answer that part if you don't want to)? What about being an adult do you fear, or enjoy?


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