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Monday, October 23, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 22 - Purposeful Passion (Once Upon a Journey)

Writing Prompts: Passion, Bliss, Journey, Compass, Purpose, Winding road, Crooked path

Once Upon a Journey

Upon the road,
you trod.
Upon the road,
you travel.
A journey is worth a thousand
or maybe the road not taken--
classic cliques
a gift from poets 
wise men.

I prefer to travel
where my bliss takes me,
no compass can direct me,
nor winding roads 
and crooked paths elicit
a lost way.
Purpose when true,
ignites passion
and that is the
only thing I will need.

GaborfromHungry from MorgueFile
What was your favourite journey, Dear Readers? Mine was the tine I went to New Orleans for the weekend (when I lived in Dallas, TX), or maybe when I just went to Rochester with my friend, Kaylara, or even when I first met my mentor, James A. Owen in person at Faerie-Con. What were your favourite journey's to travel, adventures to be had. Leave me a comment below , as always. Enjoy!


  1. My favourite journey? Life.
    I've been to many beautiful places, and hope to be able to go to many more before I die. I have seen much of the world, lucky me, I loved each trip for a different reason. But all contributed to the jourey of my life. And I quite like where it led me :)
    Not that it's done, but I'm much happier already now :)


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