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Thursday, October 15, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Seize the Day Haiku

I've been kick a$$ and taking names this Round with all my ROW80 goals, working on Music Man stuff, friends and Doctor Who, and more often not giving me sometime to myself. Well, that's harsh. I ave been reading and that is ME time, but I have been busy trying to write new poetry in different forms for  the readers, Dear Reader. That is also a ME thing. Hmmmm....why do I still feel that I need a break? Hell, even when you are doing what you love, sometimes to want or need a break. Maybe a lazy day? Or taking it easy?

I need something. Maybe today i will post something short that doesn't need a rhyme scheme or a specific meter. I forget that Haiku, for instance, can be just as powerful as a sonnet, or blitz poem. Today is a reward day for making it through half of the month, using all the prompts (in some way). Time to give in, Dear Reader...

Today is the 15th, the midway point. I am going to treat me to a few haiku. Something that is short, yet still packs a punch.

Today's Prompt: Imagine if today was the day where you could do anything you wanted. All foods had no calories. You could speed without getting pulled over. You could climb onto a plane and fly without having a ticket.What would you do? What is your wildest dream for you one day? Tell us all about it!

Seize the Day (Cake?)

What I want the most
A book in hand and a day
simply to myself

A cheesecake sitting
on the table, leftover
from last night's party

Tell me what you want
All the possibilities
that you cannot reach

An afternoon please
to myself where I can do
whatever I wish

The thickest milkshake
topped with a mountain of cream
all that chocolate

These are the stuff of
things of dreams and desires
fit for a lazy day

Come a visit OctPoWriMo, maybe write and poem or two and see what my fellow writers have been penning (or typing) here.


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