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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Upon the Island Sand

Today's is gonna be short post for I am theatreing all day!


J is for Julie Anne Lindsey

My friend, writer, and twitter co-hort, Julie Anne Lindsey writes amoungst other things writes mysteries set on Chincoteague Island with her shero Patience Price. The Cozy Mystery series. The free lance counselor turned detective solves crimes on her hometown's own island. The first book in the series Murder by the Seaside is a next read and available at Carina Press, Amazon,  or Barnes and Noble (ebook reader formats). 

It's late or really earlier, so onto the poem. It's a free verse about Chincoteague island just off the coast of Virginia. Every year they round up some the wild ponies to sell at market. It's the major income for the island.  Maybe someday I will make down there to see what is really looks like. The sands, ocean breezes, and the wild mponies. I remember reading Misty of Chincoteague and Stormy, Misty's Foal. Good times!

Upon the Island Sands

Upon the island sands
They play—
The famous of ponies,
If you have read books
In your youth.

Upon the Chincoteague sands
They dash and frolic
As ponies do.
But, there is more
Than merriment and mirth
That occurs on Misty’s shores.

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