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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Monetary Tri-Fall

Money, Money, Money!

Today's topic was and little hard for some reason. Money. I had to write a poem about Money, the lack or, the excess of, or something like (It could be about not having enough, having too much (a nice kind of problem to have), the smell, or feel, or sensory aspects of money. It could also just be a poem about how we decide what has value or worth.) 

I am not one to smell money, but I don't always give up on a challenge. Okay, I will admit that I did not write a fourteener, but I am still planning on trying to write one, someday. :-) On thinking about what style/form I wanted to use, I remember the Tri-Fall. It's a poetic form with a rhyme scheme of a, b, c - a, b, c, (two stanzas) and a meter scheme of 6/3/8 - 8/3/6. How hard can it be? Ha!

I say this now. I wrote 2 versions. One that have the meter scheme, but no rhyme. So, I tried again. Not as poignant as the first, but it has the rhyme and meter of a Tri-Fall. Shadow Poetry is where I get my quick reference poetry information. Check 'em out!

NaPoWriMo Prompt: Money

Monetary Truth (without rhyme)

The driving force of the
world revolves
around the almighty dollar.

When too many have much too few--
basic needs,
its considered needless.

(with rhyme and meter) Wealth Woes

What makes the world turn round--
a rat race
that brings out the worst in man.

The common man is drowned--
money's chase
breeds many a discontent's plan.

Today's letter is the Letter F. 
F is for The Fault in Our Stars

Okay, so when I read books I have favourite genres. I love fantasy, science Fiction, mystery, and YA  (fantasy) novels. I am not sure quite where Fault lies. I think it is part general fiction, part YA. I didn't think too much about the novel when it came out.It sounded unappealing actually. A story about a girl dying of Cancer. I have had a few people close to me die of Cancer and frankly I didn't want to think about it.

As it happens I find books cheap at my local Salvo (Salvation Army Store) and this included The Fault in Our Stars. Okay, it was a dollar. Okay I'll read it, because sometimes you need to read a book out of your element, about something you might not like, or just something you never considered. I read Fault in Our Stars.

Actually it was very well written. the author, whom I do not know much about wrote in a voice I did not expect. He portrayed a teenaged girl rather well. It was a believable story and one that I finished in a few days (2 or 3 I think). The story was engaging, the characters interesting, and it surpassed my expectations.

Will I watch the movie? Now that is another matter. The book was a good read though.


  1. I've read Fault but will probably not see the movie. Books are almost always better than the movie...Have you read anything else by John Green? He is quite the Shining Star of YA Lit these days. Kudos to you for tackling double challenges this month! Gail visiting from A-Z

  2. It seems to have caught the teen imagination. My stepdaughters bought it at the same time and were in a race to finish!

  3. I might well give it a try on your recommendation. I actually thought the film trailer looked quite good. So that might get a look too! Thanks for sharing.


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