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Monday, April 6, 2015

Aubade: Monday Morning Bed Song

Style: Aubade - a piece (poem or song) sung or played outdoors at dawn, usually as a compliment to

Prompt: Monday/Morning

Monday Morning Bed Song

The birds are singing in the sunshine
and I sat here gazing across the way.
With the music dancing spirals around
and thoughts of you filling every inch
of me.

Words I long to say cannot escape my lips
as I sit upon the seat, watching the world
while you are so far away from me.

No part of me that doesn't scream
with passion at the mere thought of
being separated.
At the beckon and call of someone else,
and you are so powerless without.

Maybe I should have spoke words of truth.
The actions of my heart or of my habit,
Hardly matter now, but I am still at the mercy
of that which is beyond me.

Alone knowing of the effects,in the depths of my soul,
I am singing and curled tightly into something
something other than you am I am sad.

Today's letter is E and E is for Eddie from Ohio.

A fun little band from Virginia. They write quirky folk song about English ballerinas, James Bond, and Gravity. I first heard of them in college on a mixtape and the song was the New James Bond.

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  1. Cool band. And I love your aubade. I'm so glad you're doing both challenges Cindy. :-)


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