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Monday, April 20, 2015


And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Today, I challenge to write a poem that states the things you know. For example, “The sky is blue” or “Pizza is my favorite food” or “The world’s smallest squid is Parateuthis tunicata. Each line can be a separate statement, or you can run them together. The things you “know” of course, might be facts, or they might be a little bit more like beliefs. Hopefully, this prompt will let your poem be grounded in specific facts, while also providing room for more abstract themes and ideas.

I went a little more introspective. Maybe it's my mood, or maybe I just have been thinking, but a little part of my heart just started to wonder. Hence today Letter of the Day for Blogging A to Z.

Q is for Quietly

For someone who can be pretty loud, even at the best of times. I do like a bit of quiet introspection and restorative writing. There's been a lot on my mind ranging from good to less good. I don't like to post negativity here, unless it's something to share and maybe help others. So, tonight's poem, Dear Readers, is one of simple truths and the humour behind some of those truths.

Quietly Contemplating

Have you ever noticed
that the birds sing in the morning
that the sun always rises in the east
and you only get perfectly comfortable
especially when the alarm suddenly goes off?

Or think about the times
when you noticed that the sky was blue
that rain makes the grass green
and the smell of a new book is the best
even after you're caught sniffing the books in the store?

Somewhere between the seconds
when your toe starts tapping in time
when you just need to sing along
because that one song came on the radio
and you see that the driver of the car next to you is watching you?

So why is it
that you are afraid to try something new
or tell someone that you love them
to live in the moment
that you are now contemplating after read this poem?

Okay, now, Dear Readers, a surprise. This is for Lizzi, my friend who write fantastic poetry about all manner of stuff. She write of love and truth, and much in between the two. She has an amazing flair of the Shakespeare tongue and rhymes like a beast. So tonight I dedicated this part of my blog to her. Go and check out her stuff at The Well Tempered Bards! Also I promised her that I would tell her about the surprises of my weekend. I went to my best friend from college's house warming party in Niagara Falls, NY and my friend, Laura whom is an artist and loves artsy thing desired to fill balloons with paint and throw them at a canvas. When completed and dried, the painting when be hung in her bedroom.

The photo below is of the first round of balloons and paint (with people) and the following photo is from Jamie (photo to the right) of the painting about mid way through the balloon tossing process.
Round 1 Paint and Friends

ROW80 check-in:
    *Writing: still made my daily NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge posts. That is about it though. This this weekend I was strapped for time and hanging with people. More on that later.

This Week:
    *What I put for last check in I am continuing into this week. I have some more free time this week, going to use it.

A Round of Words in 80 Day, a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come over to the Hop, the Blog Hop and visit with us writers and bloggers.


  1. Wooooowww *squeee* I LOVE this. And I love the quietness and the thinking and the fear in your poem. Very thoughtful. Thank you for featuring my site, and WOW that painting with balloon paint - SO COOL and what a gloriously beautiful mess. LOVE it :D Thank you

  2. Good job on at least keeping up with the NaPoWriMo and A-Z challenge. Good luck with this week.


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