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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Haiku on the Half Shell

I am traveling today and so I don't have to worry about writing on the road I have provide a little poem for today. Seems I am up before the day's prompt is. Hehehe!

V is for Venus (Goddess of Love)

I just picked up the dictionary to find a topic. Yay, Random!! Today is a haiku day. Why? Well, why not? It's sunny, although not likely warm. I'll take the sunshine. Have a nice 2 hour drive ahead of me. Friends awaiting arrival (well, maybe they are still asleep at 8:33 in the morning). So, today is random day and because I have no optional daily prompt. You, Dear Readers get some haiku! How lucky are you? ~wink~


Goddess on the half
She is beauty incarnate
of Greek pantheons

Ask for a blessing
and otherwise she will blush
before she complies

Love is a harsh one
no Goddess wishes to bring
Love to where there's none

Oh mighty Goddess
hear my call upon thee for
all I want is love

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