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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear Poem and Answer....

I am clearly going meta on my poetry this week, Maybe it's because my mind took a three day vacation to ache with a nasty sinus headache, or maybe i just wanted to proclaim a little snark of my own on the interwebs.

Normally I don't get too meta on anything, but the last two days of NaPoWriMo prompts have tempted. They have tempted me bad!! Yesterday was "write a poem using dialogue between real people or personified things. I chose a write about a writer and her missing muse. Today the prompt was "to write a poem that addresses itself". Maybe I am still thinking like yesterday, but I chose to fashion the poem in letter format. It is in two part, basically a call and answer poem.

I think anyone you does NaPoWriMo, Blogging A to Z, or ROW80 will understand this feeling, the feeling of being at the mercy of the Muse. Calling upon her help by asking for divine inspiration when writing a Sapphic (right Jesi? Lizzi? Rod?)  maybe or just trying to find the words. I am right though?

Tonight poem is a free verse letter to my poem or any poem that I am writing, and thus the response that I ultimately get to my query. Dear Readers, I hope you enjoy.

Letter to a Poem and an Answer

Dear Poem,

Why do you always want
To write of birds,
and love.

These are really is a silly things.

When I prefer to write and
rhyme in Pantoums,
or Villanelles--
of spaghettios,
or beer.

But you didn't think that was possible.

Funny, it is how the muse
takes controls
at all the wrong times
and insists on
leaving when I most
have need of her.

Like she had another job to do or something.

And I am left to
write this poem
with what is around me.
Ode to Couscous
or, maybe
Acrostic about Cat Farts.

Really brain?

Why do I have to write this poem myself?

The Writer

Dear Writer,

A muse is nice lass--
to inspire and
craft images into joyous stanzas
and marvelous rhyme.
Making the reader feel at one with the words.

But at the end of the day,
it is what YOU bring to the table.
What you write about
is what makes any poem truly great.

Your Muse

Four Seasons
Today is M for Mucha (Alphonse). A Czech born artist that is most noted for his Art Noveau style of the feminine. His works is soft and gentle, but grabs your attention. In a number of ways his paintings remind me of a fantasy world, with these ethereal angels.

He has painted a number of pieces for illustrations, postcards, advertisements including the most famous one. Absinthe Robette!

He also has painted a series of painting about the life of the slavic people and their history. Many of works are greatly admired and inspired other artists, from painters and musicians.

It's easy to get lost in the magic of a bit Mucha's work. He ranks in my top five favourite artist for those very reasons. And although he is known more for his advertisement art than some of other works. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of magic.

Whom are your favourite artists, Dear Readrs? What art speaks to you? Do you write about your favourite art pieces or artists? In poetic form, or blog articles on their works and technique? I am fond of Van Gogh, Waterhouse, Mucha, and Monet.

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  1. Loving the Mucha AND The Muse....and kind of laughing about poetry in spaghettios and beer, and wincing at villanelles (I had to write one once)


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