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Friday, April 17, 2015

Orgami and a Day on the Internet

O is for Origami (Blogging from A to Z)

Origami is supposed to be relaxing? I am not sure who said that. Or even what they thought they were trying to prove. Origami at 1:00 in the morning, when I have to go to training in the morning is the most stressful. But I had coffee at Denny's and need to burn off the caffeine some how.

So, I once bought a book of simple origami...


...about that, I still have NOT made everything shown in the book. There are some that I just cannot do. I can make (in abundance) cranes. I can make a mean paper crane and also a boat. Some days a cute little floral box. Not tonight though. See!

2 Cranes, a Boat, and a failed Floral Box
I am going to be outta town later Saturday through Sunday, so I need to get my crap organized. Housewarming and visit friends up in Buffalo. Good times, but not a lot of writing time. So...

Today's prompt is to write a poem about the internet. Well, that's in the broadest terms. IT's about social media and how it relates to you (as a person).

And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Today, I want you to try to write a “social media”-style poem. Name check all of your friends. Quote from their texts, tweets, FB status updates, twitter accounts, and blog posts, and the back of the cereal box on your breakfast table. The poem is about you and you are about what you say, think, talk, eat. You might end up with a poem that seems bizarrely solipsistic (like the internet itself, maybe?), but there might also be a spark there of something live and fun and present (like the verbal equivalent of a really great animated cat .gif).

I went a little different with my focus. I decided that there are a lot of individual topics and concepts that I could use in a sort of Ode to a Day on the Internet. If I shifted through  all of my FB posts, tweets, and other social media sites I would be here for a while. I went with a little commentary. I hope you find my entry, Dear Readers amusing, if not a bit accurate portrayal of the internet's daily antics.

A Day on the Internet

When George Takei shares something witty
and the Whovians go to war
with the Game of thrones fandom;
it's just another day on the internet.

When you get fifteen requests for retweets
from total strangers about books,
and shout-outs;
it's just another day of the internet.

There's vaguebook statuses
like cold iron stares glaring
and you are not sure if they mean you;
it's just another day on the internet.

There's spambots
lots of junk mail for male enhancement.

Plenty of overly cute cat memes,
that flood your wall space
and duck face selfies
that seem like overkill
it's just another day on the internet.

But, there's the amazing connectivity
that brings people together,
sharing their stories
telling of love and 
joy and 
Of overcoming odds and making art
from Kickstarter to Patreon
and everything in between;
it's just another day on the internet.

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  1. The poem definitely made me smile.
    You make the Internet sound at once majestic and ephemeral.


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