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Monday, December 23, 2013

Poetry Corner: the World is Asleep

The World is Asleep

The colours keep changing
The earth keeps rotating
in the gentle sweep of the year.
Soon it is wintertide
when the world is asleep.

None but the pine trees
that keep their green needles year round,
when the world is paled and brown
naught even the geraniums bloom
it's as though the world is asleep.

I can sit here
in the bleak early dawn
with the moaning wintertide wind rustling
through the spindly Box Elder branches
even when the world's asleep.

The best time of day
when  nary a soul moves
and my mind awakens
to the chill of the wintertide
when the world in still asleep.

7:03 am

Use the following five words: color, earth, geranium, moaning, sweep. #amwriting #writingprompt #TCPrompts

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