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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cindy's Poetry Corner: Time's Treasure

Been in a poetry mood lately. I feel freer when I write poetry, like I am not bound by the laws of the English language, especially if I am emulating e.e. cummings.

I have been getting my writing prompts lately from a twitter account Writing Prompts, one of many that post prompts daily or weekly. It's a really good exercise in thinking outside the box. The prompts can be used for poetry, prose, stories, drama, you name it. Give 'em a peek! They are good tweets (peeps)! :-)

Today Writing Prompt: Middle West / candy / will

Time's Treasure

Somewhere in the middle
between the real and profane;
there are few things that are
sacred and rare.

Between the east and west,
in the lands that one seldom wanders;
sits the most honoured of treasures,
that of the rarest kind, time.

A precious artifact
that few really understand,
yet it is most sought.

Time's sweet taste;
a nectar as sweet as candy
to those weary travelers
that constantly seek it's bounty.

Yet, those who always chase after this
buried wealth, will never find
that they seek.
Like a distant mirage,
they cling to a hope they will reach,
but always falling short.

Yet, those who do not seek
the booty of the sacred god,
will find that they are
overflowing with a trove,
an never ending fountain of

12/26/2013 5:54 pm

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