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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Y is for Year of the Flood (The)

The sequel to Margaret Atwood's dystopian series, The Maddaddam Series: The Year of the Flood takes the story of two new characters and their fighting chance to survive the world after the waterless flood.

Set in the same world as Oryx and Crake, you now get to see life in the city and beyond, how people ho have survived are surviving. There is Ren, a trapeze artist trapped in a sex club and Toby, former member of the cult God's Gardeners and is trapped in an abandoned spa. This is their story about breaking free and what waits for them on the outside. Imagine the world of Snowman and Crake's Children it is wild and dangerous, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Margaret Atwood's created a wild world that so invests your time and attention in the details, but not sacrificing the story.

Have you, Dear Readers, ever read Margaret Atwood? What books, or short stories? Wat do you want to read? The MaddAddam Trilogy is still my favourite.


When there is nothing left,
after the flood has passed;
is not one of water that takes the lives
and leave the world's survivor left.

After the flood has passed,
what will you do;
and leave the world's survivors left
to inherit what's left of the earth.

What will you do?
Are you meek enough
to inherit whats left of the earth
after everyone is gone.

Are you meek enough,
to take on the wrath of Animalia
after everyone is gone,
and all that is left to eat are cocktail wienies?

To take on the wrath of Animalia
in the days after the flood
and all that are left to eat are cocktail wienies or
to eat something called Jolt Bars.

In the days after the flood,
locked way, safe and sound
to eat something called Jolt Bars
and avoid starving to death.

Locked away, safe and sound--
is not one of water that takes the lives
and avoid starving to death,
when there is nothing left.

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