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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q is for Quiet (Place, A)

Okay I have to cheat a little today. I haven't read a single book that starts with the Letter Q, and I'm slightly ashamed by this. A Quiet Place is today. Anyway, this movie was worth two novels, from the content to the acting. I usually prefer to have explanations for my characters and plot, but after re-watching Cloverfield and then seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane, I understand why storytellers will give you only a bare bones backstory (okay that was a lot of alliteration there).

A Quiet Place is a story to be seen. It is not quite the horror movie that the trailers are promoted. I think it falls into a science fiction thriller. John Krasinski wrote this screenplay, and I seemed to have forgotten that he was on the office as Jim Halpert.

Although, I did have to remind myself not to jump at the jump scares. It didn't really work this time, sadly...I enjoyed this movie. But jump scares aside, this is a solid plot with a fascinating concept, and top notch acting, especially from the non-humans.

The actors really needed to be able to act with their faces and hands as there there is little to no spoken dialogue. The actress, Millicent Simmonds, who play the daughter is actually deaf. Her and John Krasinski were wonderful together.An entertaining movie and one I would consider buying on DVD, which says a lot  because I am super picky about the movie I buy on DVD.

And, A Quiet Place was shot in Pawling, New Paltz, and Little Falls, NY. Favourite shot in the moive is of Main Street in Little Falls, so creepy and beautiful, but I have a thing for things that are old and abandon, or at least made to look abandoned.

So, some of you are probably here for the poem. Okay, I can when you are humouring me rambling on about movies and such. Today's pantoum that is so silent, well, it might kill you if you make a noise while reading it, Dear Readers. A bit of humour for you today.


Silent Steps

There is nothing left but silence
throughout the empty streets.
Don't say a word, walking silent steps,
because that is how they know.

Throughout the empty streets,
the soft footfalls muffled upon sand,
because that is how they know,
when your feet hits a creaky spot.

The soft footfalls muffled upon sand,
walking to town, gathering supplies leftover.
When you make a sound,
and forget the nightmare all around you.

Walking to town, gathering supplies leftover
when your are sick with a fever,
and forget the nightmare all around you,
on prescribed paths outlined everywhere.

When tour are sick with a fever
after all the people are gone.
On prescribed paths outlined everywhere,
silent, because they can hear you breathing.

After all the people are gone,
everything becomes a chore,
silent, because they can hear you breathing
and knowing that frightens you.

Everything becomes a chore.
Don't say a word, walking silent steps
and knowing that frightens you;
there is nothing left but silence.

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