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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A ROW80 Sunday check-in!

This is the weekend before tech week of Zombeo and Juliet. Been a slow day, it has. Yesterday was appliance shopping day. Being a grown up mean sometimes having to go out and buy a new fridge (the old one wasn't working as well and since it came with the house, we are unsure of how old the appliances are). The other major purchase was a washer and dryer . The dryer hasn't worked in 3 years, and since I don't want to have to buy a new washer later on, David and I decided to get a set and a fridge. I feel so grown up.

Anyway, onto the progress: I have been working on my poetry pages. I only have publisher right now and I am trying to lay out the poems, but it's guess work. I am not sure if it's going to look nice, or just cheesy. I want to get a better program than publisher, but right now I am trying to re-learn and play with the concept of publisher. What is a go program for page layout, Dear Readers. In some ways I want so artwork, or free slip art/photos (morguefile) to go with the poem. I am trying to something more grown-up looking. I could use some advise on this, if anyone has any tips or suggestions.

There is also the 30 days of online journals (from NaPoWriMo) that take poetic and/or prose submissions. Been pulling out some of my recent poetry for this past month and earlier in the year for submissions. I always get a little nervous when I go to submit my poetry. Poetry is a personal form for me and for me to let go of the poems and try them out on the world scares me a bit. But then I think, 'What the heck. I wrote this and some one should read it and enjoy it. I have to try; go out of my comfort zone. Right? So, my goal for Wednesday is to have a cover letter and bio prepared and submit to at least to online journals.

I begin tech week for Zombeo and Juliet, so this week is going to be a full one. Since the Tempest, my weeks have been slower and I think my brain, subconsciously wants something to do. Heheheh! No rest for the wicked. I also watched fellow thespians perform a production of Woody Allen's "Play It Again, Sam" and then hung out with friends. Today was a good re-coup/lazy Sunday. It was warm and sunny, and I wished I had gone outside for a hike. A good goal for next Sunday, weather permitting, to go a hike up at Spencer Crest Nature Center.

Still reading "Catching Fire", making progress and while chilling at Soulful Cup, the favourite locally owned coffee shop, I got some interesting ideas that I want to include in a story; cow wrangling in the middle of the night, a cow that follows people like a cat/dog, an octopus civilization (watch this video of an Octopus), and post war worlds (in the vein of Logan's Run). Not all in the same story, but that could be a real challenege too.

Have a great week, Dear Readers. Go and visit the A Round of Word Blog Hop, go and make something awesome this week, and remember, I believe in you.

Also, there's this:


  1. Combining all your writing ideas could be an amazing writing prompt. It would certainly get the creative juices flowing. :)

    How'd you do at Camp NaNo this year? I didn't hit my word count goal, but I got back to writing my novel so I consider it a win.


    1. For some reason I always happen on the strangest idea or concept. I file it away and sometimes they get used. I am still kicking around the cow idea, but to include it with an Octopi Civilization? We'll see. :-)

      I made it to 18,000 this year. April was a busy month for me all the way around (writing and theatre). I tried very hard to make it, but halfway through I needed to sacrifice something. In the end, I don't consider it a loss. I have a partially started novel for November's NaNoWriMo and that's a plus. I have plenty of other project to work on in the mean time.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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