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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Imbolc Poetry: Winter Storm Rising

The Oncoming Storm
 Winter Storm Rising

Low in the sky,

The sun it shines

Through a post apocalyptic clouds

       A glowing golden disc

As the cloudy masses engulf

       And swallow it whole.

I can see nothing through the wispy snow clouds

On a leading edge

With snow and wind blowing

       Across the barren river bed

       And lonely structures guarding against the might.

I continue onward

Pass the houses of the river

Onto the plains

Upon the back of the Squall Mare

         To one side, a Cerulean Blue and dusty grey clouds of  sunset

          To the other, Silver Grey anthropomorphic clouds

 Driving blindly along

 The storm leads me to home.

Winter Sun

Moon and Sun in Wedded Bliss!
On the 1st day of February
What is it I see?
A storm front following me home,
like a lost puppy.

The days are getting longer,
But the cold winds blow stronger.
With 6 weeks still left of Winter,
We had reached well over the halfway mark
No time to turn back.
It will feel harder to bear
with the cold and frigid.
Easier in the long run
If only you don’t lose hope,
Because Summer always comes.

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