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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brain Storming

You know, when I started this challenge a week ago I thought, 'no problem', I can blog for 7 days straight. RIGHT! Well, that was a fool's thought, right? Seems that I forgot a crucial notion about life. The rampant desire to do things, or not do things. Here I am at 10:30 at night with nary a blog in site. It wasn't for lack of trying either. I even resorted to brian storming with Amanda and David over dinner that was a strange conversation.

See, I had a board meeting this morning; when I came home from that I worked on my daily sonnet. This time it was about 'Shriekers', those noisy creatures from "Tremors 2: Aftershocks". Quite a feat that was! Actually after I got the first stanza, it was really easy. By the time I was done with that I needed to do laundry, then before you knew it, it was time to meet Amanda and David for coffee and dinner and watching silly stuff via the internet. Now it's going on 11 pm and no blog. What the hey! I was all worked up to write a blog today. I even got some neat ideas for consideration.

So, why is that? I worked myself up to write and then nothing? How can I make it as a writer if I can't blog for a week straight? These are good questions. Do I have any answer? Not really! I won't lie. I was going to write a blog, and I was having trouble desiding what I should write about today, but I didn't want to not have something to write about. I was in a conundrum. So, what did I do?

Back to dinner, the conversation was the standard fair between David, Amanda, and I (or any of my theatre nerdy friends for that matter, you know who you are). There were books, movies, music, sometimes a battle of movie or music quotes (usually ghostbusters, Doctor Who of late, or The Monkees), and then the random. At one point we were discussing fantasy series and I mentioned Mercedes Lackey's "The Mage Wars" with Skandranon, the black gryphon and how when he leapt through a magical vortex he was bleached white. So, then David (I think) mentioned Gandalf and getting his greys to become white in the 'Clorox Portal'. These are just 2 of my friends. There were giggles, mostly from me. Needless to say I jotted it down in the notebook. Hey, it might come in handy.

So, what did I decide on for a topic tonight? Well, I have a number of neat ideas, but some involve watching movies that I haven't seen in a while or at all, in one case reading a book series over again, and still others that I need to think more on. Well? Do this mean I am going to post tonight? Well, yes! What you see before you is a preview of some of the up coming blogs that I am planning, because I realized that sometimes it's better to preview upcoming works than to try and force something that may not have worked out at the time.

I do not want to rush my writing. I want to think clearly and make sure want I put in this blog is not only worth MY time, but YOUR time as well. You are the one reading this, after all. If I don't have the time to write something cohesive at this moment, then I will still write it, but find something else to fill it's place in today's blog spot. It's good practice as a writer to have multiple projects/jobs/concepts going on at the same time, especially with a blog. I also want to stay true to this blog, if I say I am going to blog for 7 days, then I WILL blog for 7 days. What am I working on for future blogs this week?

- Eragon the Book Versus Eragon the Movie

-See above, but using Golden Compass (been meaning to read that book again)

-What is "The Dark is Rising" Sequence (and what happened to the movie?)
-Top 10 book series to read
-A Doctor Who inspired blog
-Great Big Sea blog about their 20th anniversary and my top            10 GBS songs
-10 books you should be reading
-An interview Blog TBD

So, some exciting stuff in the works. I am always looking for new things to write about. Never fear, a writer writes, so there will be new stuffs soon.

I feel renewed. To write makes me alive, therefore I write to live. It's part of me, it just took me a few years to figure that out. But, it's definitely what in want to do. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I write for you (not just me). Always, here will be a writer.

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