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Monday, July 7, 2014

ROW80 Goals, 4th of July Goof-off, and Flea Market Treasures

I begin Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days a day late. You know it was a holiday weekend and the need to goof off was too great. The hubs and I went to the Avon Flea Market yesterday. Avon, NY (about 25 miles from Rochester, NY) on Sundays are filled with yard sales and a giant Flea Market at the Drive-in Theatre, there is also The Barn, a smaller version of the main Flea Market (right off of highway). It runs from April to October, or when it get too cold to  have it (by October it's usually slim pickings).  You can find anything here, from collectables, to 1960, 70, 80, 90's nostalgia, to tools, music and movies fruit and veggies, practically anything.  

David grew up taking trips with his family once a month up to Avon, and the treasures that were found was liken to finding buried treasure. A kid walking around with spending money and a whole morning to find the best goodies, heck even I, as an adult felt like a kid when David introduced me to the Avon Flea Market. For us, during college breaks and post-college, Avon became an adventure, looking for the most nostalgic item. The flea market is opened from about 6:00 am to at least 3:00 pm, but by one the vendours have started to pack up. This mean you must get there early, so a typical Avon day means waking up early, stopping for gas/and coffee, and driving 90 minutes (from Corning, NY), also included was a breakfast stop in Dansville, NY.

Yesterday yielded a nice, if smaller booty. Money being what it is. David's current trend for added to his public domain cartoons found him adding to his collection; while I found the whole set of Garfield coffee mugs from 1980's McDonald's (see picture below, mine are in need of a good scrubbing before I can take a good picture) and these awesome key chains: Figment the Dragon, Niagara Falls, and African Lion Safaaaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I could have walked away with more, but my pocketbook could only get me so much. What I didn't get at Avon, I did find at the super fantastic, mega neat Buzzo Music Shop in Geneseo, NY. I found three new (to me) Dady Brothers' Albums.

Thanks to Jared Shuknecht on Pinterest for the picture!
Anyway, I did not get to writing up my goals for Round 3 yesterday, but this morning dawned early and after a goof off weekend I decided I needed to write me some goals. After having been through two previous rounds, I THINK I have a good idea on goals for this round.

Round 3 Goals:

*Revise to submission standards "Bluebirds Gone" and my 3 One Acts.

*Finish my WIPs from earlier this year. In have two story stories and a potential novel (that might be the NaNo 2014 project). So, finish the two WIPs from earlier this year.

*Continue to write, anything and everything. This includes blogging once a week, non-ROW80 blogs.

*Visit 10 or more blogs per week and comment.

*Journal twice a week.

*Continue to submit poetry and other writings (fiction, 1 acts, short stories).

*Read the "Abhorsen Trilogy".

*Get out into nature at least once a week. Experience life whenever possible.

It is now full on summer, Tarzan is in full swing, and I am going to be busy this month. I hope to accomplish a lot and still have fun this July. Dear Readers, I leave you with good thoughts and a great week ahead. Go out and make something awesome thing week! To my fellow ROW80-er let's start Round 3 fantastically! Check out the Blog Hop!

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