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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ROW80 check-in and Sharknado Rifftrax

Been a long week. Tarzan is gearing up and I have a lot more deadlines than I thought. This stuff sneaks up on you fast. I am going to try to get what I can accomplished on my goals, but I am part realist. There are only so many hours in a day. It's going to be short.

What I did accomplished:
*Finished "Sabriel" and have started reading "Lirael"..

*Started my Apollo myth re-write, got a bit hung up on some details. Going to try to work a bit more on it. It's harder for this one. I have the original myth in my head, but trying to re-write and still keep something of the original. I am finding it harder to find the path that the story is to take place on.

*Tarzan Stuff! Gotten a the T-shirts money and forms collected and turned into be ordered (with help from
the rest of the production team. Getting sponsor moneys rolling in. Posters are ordered. Working on getting advertisement for the show (print and radio media). I have a TV interview scheduled for later this month. Almost got a videographer too. So, over all making progress on all the necessary things. Show is August 1st - 3rd in Avoca, NY, if you are local and want to see awesome show!

*Been keeping up with visiting blog, maybe not everyday, but consistently. That is something, right?

What I did not accomplished or Better yet, Things of Potential:
*Writing. I haven't written at all this week. Well, I have, if you count my ROW80 updates. I did blog one day last week. I aqm aiming to blog sometime between Thursday and Friday. Saturday is very full and not sure I will have ANY time Saturday, so it's looking like Thursday or Friday night.

*Haven't submitted more poetry or stories. I got another rejection letter sometime last week. I guess I got the blues a bit after receiving it, so I haven't made the attempt to submit more. Need to push past that and get my arse in gear. Just a little disheartening to say the least.

Other things--------->

I had date night with the hubs last night. We went to go see Rifftrax's Sharknado in Ithaca and then to Manos Diner (also in Ithaca). Rifftrax will be LIVE riffing Godzilla in August and Anaconda in October (check out the website. They riff modern movies in the oeuvre of MST3K. Actually Rifftrax is like a modern MST3K). I needed a break. I have been shuffling from Tarzan to Improv to work and Cat and housework. So, my personal time has been short and even shorter with David. We needed this time. It was great, the movie was as terribly terrible and delightfully funny as ever, even after the third time viewing it. The Regal Theatre at the Ithaca Mall has nice leg room and a nice place to watch a movie. And Manos Diner is always a treat. It's a 24/7 all night diner with the best in 'creepy' rustic feels (that's because I have watched the movie "Manos: Fates of Fate" and pretty awesome food. I'd say if you're in Ithaca, NY, check it out. I absolutely love the place. It's a 'greasy' little dive, but it's one of my 'greasy' little dives, and I have never had a problem with service or food. SO, I still say check it out.

Remember to visit my fellow writers/blogger at the Blog Hop, Dear Readers. I hope to have a more productive week writing-wise next week.

Have a delightful week, Dear Readers!

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  1. Wow, lots going on. I am a realist, too, and I still can barely keep up. Heck, I'm just now getting around to checking people's Wednesday updates. ARGH! Wishing you all the best with your goals.


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