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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hanging in the Jungle this month!

This is short, and I feel bad. I have been living in the jungle this summer, producing a production of Disney's Tarzan. The cast is ridiculously talented. There are tumblers and folks trained in stage falling/stage combat, to master carpenters [who made monkey bars], costumers, and everyone has made this show special to A LOT of people.

"Tarzan, Jane." ~Jane

"TAR-ZAN! Jane." ~Tarzan
Most days I work until 5 and then rush off to rehearsal or spend the evening collecting ads, advertising the show, getting posters printed, etc etc etc. This, of course means, very little of time has been devoted to writing. Buy, something I am well aware of, and maybe I forget sometimes. I am a writer, but also a theatre folk. One who acts, writes, directs, stage manages, and countless other tasks. Why? Because I love to create something new in the world. While being a producer is a thankless job. It is one that allows others to act and direct.

Bixa Orellana and Carila Papaya
This is a talented cast, and I will take the next few weeks of being distracted from writing to watch the little monkeys picking fleas off each other, rolling in their own poop, or grunting at each other. Or maybe watching the plants spin and twirl in time to the music: Bixa Orellana or Carila Papaya.

If you are in the area of Avoca, NY (Elmira to Corning to Bath, NY) or other nearby points, you should come and see The Keuka Lake Player's Tarzan August 1st, 2nd (7:00 pm), and 3rd (2:00 pm) at Avoca Central School. The obligatory plug!

I have been reading Lirael of the "Abhorsen Trilogy", making great process and enjoying my re-read.

I wish I had more to report, but that is it, Dear Readers. I will be picking up more time in the coming weeks and time will be fully devoted to other projects. While the summer feels like is going fast, I will still have August. No time is truly lost if it has been properly lived. Remember  to check out my fellow writers/bloggers at the Blog Hop!

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  1. Sounds like you have legitimate (and exciting!) reasons not to be keeping up with the writing. Best of luck in the jungle. :)


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