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Sunday, January 19, 2014

ROW80: Sunday update - Some Meatloaf and Lindsay Katt

I am really proud of myself.

I look at this past week and I see an obstacle course of events both helpful me with my ROW80 goals, but also some that have hampered me. Hamper it did not. You know that feeling you get when you think, "it can wait"? Yeah, I get that a lot! Usually for various reasons, not always for writing. The phrase, "when it rains it pours" also comes to mind. That feels like this past week, but yet I did not succumb to the pressure.

After a that's what life is about, sometimes you have bad days, speed bumps, and moment when the amuse has decided to leave you a Dear John letter. She has done that to me in the past. Thankfully she wasn't that brusque this week. I did have my mental hands full.

First, I survived "Tempest" auditions and got cast as Trinculo, the drunken jester. He is very much in the realm of what  Bottom is in "Midsummer's Night Dream". Maybe I didn't get my first pick, but that is okay. I haven't been disappointed by a Shakespearean role yet. The read through is Tuesday and I am excited. The cast is full of my friends from past shows and some new folks. I even get to interact his David (the hubs) in this show. He was Oberon in "Mid Summer", there was far far less interaction between Bottom and Oberon. It's all exciting. Here is a snippet of Trinculo, Stefano, and Caliban from Stratford Shakespeare Festival: "Freedom".

Journaling is turning into a much easier task then I thought. I was kind of worried I would turn into a high school diary. Maybe in some way I utilize it as a way to vent my frustrations of the world to paper. But, it's also turning into a great brain storming tool. It allows my mind to run free. I remember ideas and even dreams clearer. It's a cheaper form of therapy. Currently I am sticking to the Tuesday/Thursday mornings journaling times.

My poetry month is going well, I am still making the daily goal of a poem a day, even if I cut it close by three minutes to midnight. :-) Oh, I also got into a Haiku War over Twitter last night. That was random, but its was a great way to improve my haiku writing. I need more random poetry in my life. It was a fun way to help past the evening, even though I was trying to blog last night. Yes, there's the blog. I did my first non ROW80 update blog since ROW80 started. I enjoy having good content for my readers. So, I have added the goal to post once a week my regular sort of material during ROW80. That lend to Meatloaf and an evening of his music. It was a very productive day, week, month so far. I have a few beginnings of stories. I hope to be able to complete my January story. Sometimes this is when the muse decides to go out bowling and leave me home alone with the cats. :-) Oh, well, January is mot over yet.

Music to inspire me to write this week: Meatloaf, Lindsay Katt, and Tardis Interior Hum

I started editing "Tale of Memories", it is the 2nd revision. It's taking longer than I thought. There are less red marks, but it's still slow going. I made it through 4 chapters (about 14 pages). A noisy coffee shop is not the best place, unless you have head phones or it's not as noisy. I discovered I still  LOVE to use commas EVERYWHERE! It probably stems for my free flow, state of consciousness writing. Overall, I am still happy with the writing. There is hope for the novel.

 Also, I started reviewing my stage play script. Oh, I don't know what I was thinking. Not sure if it's worth revising, but then I get a nice monologue or a pretty scene. That one I will work on after ROW80 and "Tempest". It's gonna take a lot of work. Oh well, that happens. A good friend once told me that not everything I write is going to be something for others, maybe it's just for me.

There hasn't been a lot of reading this week. I did read the "Tempest" prior to auditions. I also finished the first of my Doctor Who books, "The Closkwise Man". I am going to have to re-tool my time for reading. The last couple of days I have been busy, which hasn't allowed for time to read. I will need to try harder to make time. I usually read for a bit in the morning, or before bed (if I don't fall sleep during and lose my place). Can anyone else admit to that? Falling asleep to a book your reading and losing your place?

I hope you all, Dear Readers, are having a good week. Sit back and relax, it's Sunday! Pull up a good book, or some Netflix and relax with a cup of coffee or cocoa. Speaking of which, I need some coffee. Have a good week and be good to each other. Leave me a comment about this coming week. Something good and exciting happening?  Something that is bothering you? I have a couple of ears for listening if you near to vent. Or you could visit the Emotional Baggage website. It's neat idea. You leave your emotional baggage and an email (no names involved). Later you will most likely get an anonymous uplifting response. A bit of a pat on the back and acknowledgment that you are not alone. You can also pick up someone baggage and leave them some positive words of encouragement.

Have a great day, Dear Readers! Blessings...


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