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Sunday, January 12, 2014

First ROW80 update - Sunday #1

It's true that I missed the first update on Wednesday, but in my defense I only started on Tuesday (also a day late). I wanted the best chance to see what I could accomplish in 4 days.


I am rather please with the early results. Does it mean the I can slack off? Heck no! But, some of my simpler goals are in the early stages of becoming habits. I have found that for  things to became regularly occurring in my life I have to set some guide lines/goals and then-the hard part-follow through them. It also helps to have to be accountable to someone for my goal; NaNoWriMo falls into this role perfectly. Because I had to write at lease 1667 word daily, I had to make time, there was no 'Oh, I'll do it later' or 'I only need 20 minutes on Facebook'. When I got behind, and I often did in 2011, it was a struggle to keep up the fight. I will admit that 2013 proved to be much easier to get up and write in the morning and write in the evening before bedtime. A Round of Words feels like another excellent tool to give me that kick in the arse to get moving.

Now, with that being said, I will admit that some of the writing goals I am currently struggling with. The biggest problem is inspiration. But, I do not have fear. There are oodles of writing prompts at my fingertips and friends to offer suggests. So, I feel that I will have more writing to report on, on Wednesday.

My editing goals, I have not touched yet, I think that my biggest problem is post holiday laziness. I get a little indifferent to time after a rush and since Christmas and New Year's happen almost on top of each other it's a double whammy. I know what I need to do, so I guess I just need to do it. After all, "If you really want to do something, nobody can stop you. If you really don;y want to do something, no one can help you." (James A. Owen).

I have starting my journaling again. I even found, courtesy of my friend Todd found an hours worth of Tardis interior sounds that plays for an hour. This morning's journal time was really fluid. I am decided that journaling time will be reserved for Saturdays (I miss yesterday due to plans getting shifted about with weather, vehicles, and the need to visit the Love Shack). But, after the first week of ROW80, I have determined that I like journaling on Tuesday/Thursdays and Saturday. It would be less of a conflict, because I blog on Sundays (usually). So, I have been journaling for about an hour on my journal days.

The obscure poetry month is going quite smoothly, I think easier because I have different forms to choose from, instead of always writing sonnets. But, on the downside, getting less time to perfect each form. I did not miss a day of poetry. I managed to write my daily poem before midnight of each day. I have an awesome list of topic, wide and varied, from a wide and varied group. I am looking for more to finish the month; even after the month is over I can use the extra topics, so leave me a comment below with a topic suggestion. I'd love to hear from you.

I have a goal of my Goodreads page to read 25 books in 2014. I have 2 under my belt some far. Since last week was a REALLY slow work week (only worked 3 days), I got a chance to start getting ahead, finished Brisinger and beginning to read the Doctor Who books that my sexy like a Tardis friend, Sara Love (one of the co-owners of the Love Shack) ~giggle~ gave to me sometime last year.

I miss getting up and writing. I mornings are particularly inspiring. Last week was not as inspiring. I think I need to try harder.

Also, Tempest auditions are this week and Steele Memorial Library in Elmira is showing "Birdemic" at their horrible movie night on Friday. There are fun stuffs coming. As are crazy times too! I am feeling pretty good right now. Maybe the cloudy grey skies, the Tardis sounds, and the peacefulness of today has my optimism on a high? Well, what ever it is, I am going to utilize it. In fact the later morning hours after my journal time, I manage to tidy up one of my closets (of course stuff got moved and now I have a set of plastic art drawers with no home in the closet). Where is currently is sitting is not in the way, but I wanted it in the closet. Alas, my closet shelving is not very deep and with the gambled roof the back wall shrinks the space the higher the shelves go. Oh well, where it sits is in a decent spot, for now. See the picture:
Only slightly cluttered
Clearer Closet?

It's been a good week overall. I know some things can be better and I know what I can do to improve. As for work, I can only do so much when I work in a construction based industry. They have kept me since May of 2012, so I must be doing something right, right?

 I leave you, Dear Readers with a few Haikus from the last few days. Have a Blessed week and be good to each other. I will have a new blog by Friday (in addition to the ROW80 updates).

Joy of the Outfield

Out in the sunshine
Grass and dust kicking up high
As you run to home.

Under snuggles

Under warm blankets
Wrapped in soft folds of cotton
It’s the place to be.

Ode to a Uke

O Ukulele
When dost thou play thine notes
The world spins gaily

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  1. What fun! I have so much in common with you. I recently became a Dr. Who fan myself. Being a long-time sci-fi fan, it's odd it took me so long. I have defined journaling as "rambling until I stumble across truth." And poetry . . . well, I participate in OctPoWriMo annually and began my blogging endeavours by writing and posting poems each day. All the best with your 2014 goals . . . writing and otherwise.


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