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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ROW80 Midweek Update - Sherlock Wednesday

I woke up thinking that is was a pretty good day. I will admit that I spent my morning being a touch lazy and watching Sherlock. Not that that's a bad thing! Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch, you of the awesomely strange name and delightfully charming mannerisms... ~sigh~ *rolls eyes at the thought*

Having a lack of cable, I had to resort to more nefarious tactics to get caught up with the Everyone's Favourite British Sociopath. Today, I was at home and what better way to pass the morning than to watch Sherlock? Right? So, guilty as charged, I watched Sherlock. But this update is not without it's promises. Sherlock is a breath of fresh air. The story lines are inventive, the characters are rough around the edges, even flawed (I also like Torchwood, guilty too), and it's British. While I think Moffat has gotten too big for his britches, he does know how to make a great show! What Sherlock brings to the table is a sense of what I want to do in my writing. There is an engaging story with characters that everyone loves. I might not write mysteries well (only once or twice for a class), but this formula can work for any genre/style writing. Watching Sherlock, Doctor Who, and even The Walking Dead is an asset to my story writing.  I can learn to create better, more engaging stories and develop my characters better. Consider it homework!

AnyWho, the ROW80 update. Yes, I am getting a bit distracted here, what with the Cumberbatch. This week finds me getting comfortable with my journaling. A regular pattern of Tuesdays and Thursdays seems to be working out well. What am a learning? Well...That I have a lot of thoughts in my head for starters. It's deeply therapeutic though. I don't need to do it everyday. It helps me remember things that I had previously forgotten, gives me ideas, and sometimes I find that I will write something worthy to be included in a future blog, story, or poem.

Onward! I have read the Tempest. Auditions are tomorrow and Friday. I wish I could go to both days, but again things and events are starting to crop up. Maybe it's me, but I always feel that these things sneak up on me. No worries, I will not let my schedule get out of hand this year, but at the same time January was starting to look boring. What with the Holiday rush and bustle over, I think I needed to get to work. Maybe I was getting bored. I have decided what parts I am auditioning for. I shall not say until after auditions. I have loved Shakespeare since college, when I was able to gain a greater understanding of him as a writer and the language used. My favourite works have mostly been the comedies: "A Midsummer's Night Dream", "Much Ado About Nothing", and "As You Like It", but I am partial to [Insert Scottish Name Here]. I am excited for another chance to be involved in a Shakespearean Production. Now, to get over the nerves!

Okay, I read the "The Tempest" and finished "Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man", also have started "Inheritance". It's gonna get crazy with the writing/editing, reading, and acting all up in here. But, really the plan is to read either before work or before bedtime, maybe squeezing in a bit on lunch or mid-day depending. I don;t wanna read too fast, because then I will forget a few months after reading the book. Again, I just have to utilize my time as best as I can.

I started a story yesterday. I am not sure if it'll go anywhere, but I am going to try. Funny how many of my stories start with one line or concept; then somehow it snowballs into a complete story. Editing on the other hand, is proving harder devote time to. I AM going to devote some time to editing later tonight, I have let it pass too long, time to grab the bull by the horns. I feel that my mood from last week has hampered the editing drive (not that that's an excuse). No matter, I am doing quite well on my obscure poetry month. I have some good topics from my friends and readers; and am pushing to try new poetic forms and stretching the images into poems, even the more unique topics. I even have been doing some extra practicing on my haiku writing.

The hardest part of writing is the ambition, with inspiration being a close second.  This blog has helped get me to write more with a greater regularity, but I still have trouble with story writing. That is what I want to change the most over these 80 days. I want to write a story a month, even if it's a short story. Maybe only a few pages, but a story nonetheless. Also, I want to include a blog that is not a ROW80 and since the updates fall on Wednesdays and Sunday, I need a new Blog Day. Hmmmm....maybe Friday or Saturday? I guess you will have to check back either day to see when I update! :-)

The boring update: I also have been trying to keep up with the housework and set about to organize some of this house. It means that some time has been diverted to clearing out junk, putting the holiday stuff away, and actually spending time with David. Pretty sure my house will always look like a tornado fell through the roof, but I like having a clean sink (I loath doing dishes), freshly laundered clothing, and the like.

My mood is optimistic today. Do you, Dear Readers feel something similar? Like the holidays knock the wind out of you? That January is a barren wasteland waiting for Spring to arrive? That there is plenty of time? Leave me a comment below about how you view January as a productive or counter-productive month. How you handle the feeling of complacency. And the like...

Have a splendid day, Dear Readers!


  1. Good luck with the Shakespeare audition! Sounds like fun. Like you, my stories usually start with a simple sentence, something that snags my mind. I have to write may way through to find out what it's all about. I finally realized that is what kills off my novels. I try to know too much about them before I start. As much as I like the idea of knowing where I'm going, that method doesn't seem to jibe with my muse!

    As for Januarys... this one hit me hard due to the flu. I feel like the year just started. Agh!

    Anyway, just wanted to pop by from Row80 and cheer you on. :)

  2. So far, January has been a mix of productiveness and sloth. The last couple days, I've been a lump on my couch but I'm hoping to get back up on the horse and get riding again tomorrow!

  3. not my favourite month but I view it as heading toward spring - days are growing wee bit longer - stupid birds are ahead of the game again - keep telling them Feb and March may well be colder - will they listen? nah they just carry on!

    I always liked the Tempest way back when I was at school - all the best at the auditions.

    I haven't written any poetry for years - not something that inspires me often but occasionally I have a yen to comment on something - last I did was on a fossil dug out of a mountain - may well contemplate during a mini poetry fortnight or something to stir brain cells up a bit: all the best


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