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Sunday, April 3, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016: Catch up!

April Fool's Lune

Upon this fool’s day
Truth that lies
Best to stay away.

Family's Portrait 

A family is more than blood--
A bond,
A love,
A devotion
To something greater than yourself.

A family is a theatrical production--
Imagine the director is the mother,
The stage manager a father,
The actors are the children.

A family is a network of like minded people--
Writers meeting to share words,
Artists meeting to mix paints and collaborate,
Or to gather and share their worlds.

A family is what you hold most dear,
From fathers to directors
And everything else in between,
Stronger together
Weaker when apart.

Hold yours tight.

Mr. Poe,

I read your words,
Out loud,
They are so good!
I am inspired by you.
Wanting to become a poet because of you.

Did you know how much I enjoy saying
“Quoth” the Raven when I read THAT poem.
In fact, my favourite poems are
The Raven and Annabel Lee.
Did you know that?
I bet you didn’t as you are pretty busy writing cool poetry
And creepy stories.
See, I wrote you last moth asking what the deal was,
I mean with the poem, The Bells,
Are you a little obsessed with bells?
The jingling,
The tinkling?
You didn't write back, but I'm not mad.
Its very repetitive, but still catchy as I am still singing it to myself, three weeks later.
Where do you come up with the ideas for your poems?
I am usually trying to write poems about plastic spoons,
unrhymeable planet names,
or my cats.
I can never seem to write anything that people want to read,
So how do you do it?
Looking forward to hear you answer.
Meanwhile trying to write a poem right now,
Something like El Dorado.


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  1. Appreciate your poems! 3 in one day, nope, I couldn't do it! Kudos to you. Blessings!


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