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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016: Days 9 through 12

I have been hanging out in Scotland lately; rehearsing Macbeth, double doubling, and all that fun jazz. I have not had the time to devote to writing in one of my two favourite poetry challenges, NaPoWriMo. 30 poems in 30 days during the month of April. So, Dear Readers i am still writing, but i have to lump days together, because i work and then rehearsal and it TECH WEEK ZOMG!!!!

That leaves so little extra time to write and post. Working on changing that. But, in the mean time i give you Days 9 through 12.

Topic: a tritina is a shorter cousin to the sestina, involving three, three-line stanzas, and a final concluding line. Three “end words” are used to conclude the lines of each stanza, in a set pattern of
ABC, CAB, BCA, and all three end words appear together in the final line.

Passion's Burning

Upon the darken stage you do stand
in silence your hear your own heart
the moment is right and poise to strike.

Burst alive the tech crew will strike
to rearrange where your world will stand
and your passion welling in your heart.

Its when you are creating with your heart
a story told by players upon a stage do strike,
curtain and bows the cast will stand.

With tears, laughter, and heart strikes them to stand.

4/12/16 Day 7 - 12:27 pm

Topic - Poem about Flowers

Dragon Breath

Burst of colour,
open wide,
looks like a dragon's flame,

4/12/16 Day 8 - 12:36 pm

Topic - Afraid to Admit Something


Some days I am afraid,
to speak
Some days its only too
Somedays I wish it wasn't
Someday I will say it,
but today is not the day.

4/12/16 Day 9 - 1:58 pm

Topic - Bookshelf Poem

Upon the Shelf

A wrinkle in 
the Phantom Tollbooth
where the Red fern grows
American Gods
go to die.
Is where you

4/12/16 Day 10 - 2:30 pm

Topic - Abstract line to complete a Sensory Poem

Actor's Worst Nightmare

Feel the satin brush your skin,
the folds of your dress
swishing across the stage.
Stern of eye as you glance
into your partner's eye.
Dance with the words
as you parlay the course.
Emotion wrought,
underneath the lighting.
A moment captured,
alive in sweat
and make-up,
as your lines slip away
lost to the ages
deer in the headlights--
the silent that you now pro-offer the audience.

4/12/16 Day 11 - 2:06 pm.

Topic - Index Poem (Jim Henson Biography)


from concept 
to creation.

money lost on...

Release date,
Songs for,
shaft of hands
and so on.

wrap party
for Writers.

4/12/16 Day 12 - 2:37 pm

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