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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day 27: Long Lines

Today's Prompt: write a poem with long lines, ones that extend beyond the normal length. 

An as this week is my post show crash from Macbeth, Dear Readers, you get another Macbeth, theatre related poem.

Theatrical Tempest

When the days begin to blur together in a mass of exposition
And I can hardly tell what day it is anymore,
I know that hell week has thusly descended into madness--
And the audience breaths, so I will I, hitting the stage.
It’s a marvel that everything is contained in one small space,
With costumes, props and, and set pieces whirling in common time.
When I am all but out of breath from chanting or sword fighting,
It’s what we do for our art, breathing to life something new
Something wasn’t didn’t exist before today.

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