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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spotlight: Coins of McGuffin

Today is Promote a Project Day!! Coins of McGuffin!

What might you ask is a Coins of McGuffin?

It is an animated web series where a brother duo sets off to unite the tribes of fandoms, charged by Exposition (the great glowing head guy) by collecting the lost Coins of McGuffin. I only learned of this exciting series a few months ago, but I am now hooked. David and Jonathan Green are making an awesome animated series about adventure and fandoms. They have 2 episodes already under their belts on their YouTube channel and are working towards an episode 3, 4, and possible web comic. Go check them out here at Coins of McGuffin! You know you want to ~points to you~.

They, along with host Marsha Adair and the McGuffin team, also create highlight episodes of the fandoms that they include in their series. A nice quick introduction to the fandoms.

Right now they need your help. It takes a lot of time and money to make these animated episodes. And up until now they have been funding the episode production themselves. Currently Dave and Jonathan Green need your help to create episode 3. They have a Patreon page and a Kickstarter to help them raise the funds.

The kickstarter has 11 days left as of this blog post. Consider joining the fandom McGuffin bandwagon, or if you cannot make the kickstarter in the next 11 day, then remember the Patreon page. Also, please spread the word, far and wide, to all of the fandoms the joys of the McGuffin. The best part about the kickstarter is perks for joining, everything from trading card (also a cool card game), stickers, choosing the next fandom to get a card or an episode done on it, custom made cards, and of course the love of some super talent geeky people.

Have you ever been into a TV show, comic book series, movie, book series, or cosplaying? It's a fascinating world of joy and discovery and when you meet or introduce more people to the world you get an expanded feeling of joy. I know I do! And I love the joy of joining other fandoms. There's quite a lot out there you know. Coins of McGuffin is a fun look into the fandoms and what we may or may not have in common within each fandom.

These episodes are fun! This series is awesome. More people need to know about the Coins of McGuffin.

And after all, us geeks and nerds need to stick together, right?

See the cards, support the art, play the game....

Examples of some of the fandom cards!

They include such fandoms as Whovians, Bronies, Dragon Ball Z, Ringers, Mouseketeers, Sherlockians, Citizens of the Four Nations, Browncoats, and so on...

Facebook Page: Coins of McGuffin

From David Scott, internet collaborator and fan of the Coins of McGuffin and who has  worked on the Muppet Wish Day videos (see Isle of Rangoon, another awesome web series to check out) with David Green, who plays himself and DJ Soundbite. (see twitter links)

"I want the show to get at least three animated episodes as a set up for the card set, which has 
the potential to be fun as a game, or enjoyable for those who like simply collecting the cards and 
learning about each of the different fandoms. David has been fun to collaborate with on the Isle of 
Rangoon "Muppet Wish Day" videos, and I wish him a bright future with this project."

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