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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Movie Review: Zootopia

I have seen more movies this year, and its odd, but am glad I am making an effort to watch more movies. There are a number of really good movies that have come out recently. Still, I can be very selective of what I watch. I will admit that I am a bit behind on my Disney movies, still haven't watched Tarzan or Princess and the Frog.

Anyway, Dear Readers, I went to see Zootopia this past weekend.

First thing, don't go see a seven o'clock showing if you don't like a theatre filled with kids. 'Twas a bit noisy, but I digress.Yet I think the adult laughed harder at the humour in the movie.

Second, Disney can actually tell a story, one with purpose and relevance. This is something that I think gets lost in some of the movies (Disney and non-Disney alike) now-a-days.

Okay, with that aside, Zootopia wasn't what I was expecting. I really wasn't sure what to expect actually. The movie opens on a school pageant showcasing the history of Zootopia with Judy Hops, future Bunny Cop. Not something that creatures of this world expect (insert prejudices about bunnies and foxes here). Bunnies are carrot farmers, usually, but Judy plans to defy all the conventions and becomes a police officer. After becoming valedictorian of her class at Zootopia's police academy, she is placed in city center as a meter maid. Not one to give up she make her ticket quota and weasels her way onto a missing mammal case (looking for Emmett Otterton, the irony of this was NOT lost on me). She enlists the aid of a fox, Nick Wilde and adventure abounds in the search for the missing mammals.

What I was expecting was nothing like the richly developed world that Disney created. Its a real world, with subtleties of real problems that animals face and with its various cultures and personalities, and even prejudices portrayed. Yes, Zootopia has prejudices!

It was everything I could hope for in a KIDS MOVIE; a story for the children and a story for the adult, that even includes lessons that can be taught and learned in our own world. Learning to look past what we see in other people, bunnies, foxes, and sheep. Learning to come together to make the world a better place. Seeing a world with issues and meaty concepts that rise up, and rise up they did, with characters that could actually make that world a better place. It gave me something to consider when I think of my own world, my own views of the people that live on planet earth.

Not to get too deep, but really it was surprising and delightful to see that people really do care about the world. Enough so that they will make a statement to educate children that it is okay to be different. Kudos!

Also, SLOTHS + DMV = Awesome!! Enough said....

I also like to point out the eclectic casting from Idris Elba, Jason Bateman, Alan Tudyk, Octavia Spencer, and Shakira to name a few. If you get a chance to watch this movie then you should.

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