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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thoughts on Fuller House

2016 is the year that brought back the Full House cast in a new show Fuller House.

Who'd have thunk it?!?! (Yeah, pulling out the 90's cliches)

Since acquiring Netflix I have noticed that they have been creating a whole slew of their own TV shows. Up to now I haven't jumped on that bandwagon, well until last weekend anyway.

See, I hear a lot, A LOT, about House of Cards and Black in the New Orange, but I haven't jumped into these shows. Maybe because I have too many shows in my queue,or  it's not what I am into, maybe it never occurred to me to try it out. These are all excuses I have used, but then Netflix had to bring most of thecast of Full House, expect the Olsen Twins, into a new show focusing on DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie (now young women) raising three boys and a teenage girl (see the parallels coming now).

I really didn't know much about the show prior to watching it. I also didn't know if i could sit through it, after all I loved the original. How could the sequel show be any good? Sometimes when to go to revisit something from your youth it doesn't taste quite the same as what you remembered. I watched the first episode with some trepidation, only to be pleasantly surprised. There was a number of throwbacks from all of the classic one liners, from "How Rude" to "Have Mercy", and the obvious "Cut it Out". Believe it or not they are used infrequently and not to the detriment of the show. It would have been an easy thing to do to over use them. The characters of DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie are well portrayed and it seems that the actress didn't lose stride with returning to their character, and yet adding more depth to their grown up characters.

I will admit that the cameos sometimes felt forced, having Uncle Jesse forget his lucky guitar, Priscilla, or having Becky stick around to see to who got the flowers in the secret admirer episode. I hope they get a chance to ring Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Becky back for more episodes and not just one at a time, although the season finale was a nice touch having Jesse, Joey, and Becky. Overall, though it was fun to see the cast reunite and have some fun with the new stories.

It is a major cheese fest, but I enjoyed the original series which was just as cheesy with Danny's incessant cleaning that has been passed down to DJ and her son, Max.

If you want a fun watch, you should check it out, everything from Stephanie/Kimmy kiss to She Wolf  Pack to Jesse ans Stephanie exchanging lines. And there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with hugging it out.

It is interesting to know that after this season, both of the Tanner girls will have appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Jodie Sweetin is set to dance for the 22nd season of the show. And Candace was on Season 18.

What is your favourite part of Full House, Dear Readers? Have you watched Fuller House yet? Will you? What are your thoughts on the show?

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