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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Movie Review: Deadpool

I want it on the record, I knew next to nothing about Deadpool prior to seeing this movie. Nothing.Except that I had seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which features a very different. That was an INTERESTING movie, to say the least. Portrayed much differently with a sewn shut mouth and mutant powers from each of the X-Men making me quite the adversary.

I rather like the mouthy, sword and gun toting version better.

Also, I need to say that I am REALLY behind on my superhero movies. So this is a really an impromptu review.

First, I am not normally a Ryan Reynolds fan, but he was the best smart ass as Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. Okay, there will probably be spoilers her, Dear Readers. Point is this movie was really effin' good.

I love a good linear story, but something about a story that jumps from past to present reminds me of the way I write sometimes. You see, I have written a few stories where the main protagonist is set in one time line, and then jumps to a either a different protagonist or a different time with the same protagonist . So, it made sense when Deadpool would jump back to an earlier time to explain an earlier point my brain could actually follow the story. The movie is more of an origins story and less and adventure based story, yet the movie doesn't suffer for it. I found that I could connect with Wade, Vanessa, and even Francis. It was well thought out and even well presented.

Something that I enjoyed and usually don't enjoy if not done well is the breaking of the fourth wall. It is so easy to have a character just start talking to the audience, Dear Readers, but it is hard to make it believable and NOT annoying. I remember a children's theatre that featured a character that broke the fourth wall and it annoyed me the whole time I was watching. Never mind that the rest of the show was good and the kids acted their little hearts out, but to have a character (a stage manager character too) just burst out about how their job is not going well and the actors are ruining the show put a bit of a damper on the story that was already in progress. Now, I must point out that the young lady playing the stage manager was trying her hardest, but it is hard to convey fourth wall breakage well. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall quite a bit and used a lot of humour, but not in every scene, or in every moment. It felt almost natural, and you were expecting it. I thought this helped the movie's case, as I would have just responded to Deadpool's queries or comment as if I was there with him on the bridge or in the car on the highway. While in that children's show it was awkward, random, and unnecessary.

Note: fourth wall breaking is usually used in improv games and dinner theatre. Although not exclusively, I have experienced fourth wall breaking in these circumstances.

I could tell that Ryan Reynolds has a passion for Deadpool, with his impish delight and passion, that is what really made me enjoy Deadpool. I also liked the humour. There is something amusing about a character who is so vulgar. Not a movie for anyone under 13, hell, maybe under 16, but entertaining and much different than the standard fare now-a-days.

See, as I stated before I am really behind on my superhero movie. But Deadpool is less a superhero movie and more an action movie. Deadpool is not a superhero, but a anti-hero. This doesn't mean he is a villain, but in a world where most action adventure movies have a hero and a villain, it is nice to have a protagonist (protagonist) who is less like a superman and more like a man with special abilities. I applaud Marvel for their choices with this movie. It helped. I hope for more stories that test what we know about stories, heroes, and villains. But at the same time I hope that this isn't the new normal. It was suggested by Red Letter Media (guys who do fun reviews) that maybe this concept/style could become the new trend in movies. Watch their Half in the Bag review of Deadpool. I rather hope that it is used sparingly so as to not wear out the possibilities.

 One Comic Book version of N.T Warhead
Movie version of N. T. Warhead
Overall verdict: If you are old enough, then yes, yes, you should see this movie. From a storytelling perceptive it is unique story, from a unique perspective. Yes, there is a lot of vulgarity, but really that never took away from the story. Something a little different to break up the monotony of superhero movies, comics, books, etc. Also, I love a good and flawed character and Wade Wilson is flawed and funny for all the right reasons. And you get a little (and I mean little bit of X-men with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who is an actual X-Man). And they also changed her powers and persona quite a bit. Read a bit about her at Comic Vine.

Have you seen Deadpool, Dear Readers? What kind of movies do you like? Do you like something a little different for the normal? Favourite superhero or anti-hero? Favourite villain? Leave a comment below and show me shown love. Peace!

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