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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WIPpet Wednesday: Modern Muses

Today is WIPpet Wednesday. The day when writers share their WIP with the whole of the internet, thanks to K.L. Schwengel. Where you take today's date (7/12/2015) and tie the date to a snippet from your WIP. I have been working on another story that is currently running through my head, so we are taking a break from Cumi and Stratus in Once upon a Cloud... I will return to Cumi and Strat in a week or two. They are a little tight lipped at the moment and trying to coax more out of them.

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Today is a snippet from Modern Muses (working title). Using the WIPpet Wednesday math 7+1+2=10 paragraphs I am going to share. The set up is this. This is a little ways in and might be confusing, but I really enjoying writing this part of this scene. Della is a seer and knows that Teri, Talo, and Mel must go on a quest, but Della is a little more forthwith then the young heroes are prepared for. If you are confused, don't worry, I plan to share much more of this. These characters have been running through my grey matter the last three weeks or so.

“Do you know, Dear? What do you understand,  Little Dancer?” Della spoke with a sharp tongue and Teri felt her words hit her skin and pierce through. It was a poison that changed her mood to a pensive moroseness.

“I know plenty,” Teri shirked back away from Della, who rose higher and away from the door.

“Tell me what the shadow is? What will it do? Will the muses survive?” she paused only to watch as Teri blink after each question. “How can you fight it? Where are the gods now? Do the humans know?” The questions were being fired in rapid succession and Teri was gasping for breath. “Tell me where are the rest of the muses. Do you think you can survive this? Do you even understand what is happening? Do you love?”

The last question was final and very separate. Teri was crying now, choking on her tears. “Oh, you love that answer, even if you don’t want to admit the answer,” said Della, smiling.

Thalos had rushed to Teri side as Della began questioning her, but she pushed him away. She was stronger than this. “Why are you doing this?” It was such a lame and obvious question. It was almost cliché.

“If you have to ask then maybe I should take back my offers to help. Give me the gifts!”

“But...ut..ut…”Teri was trying to wipe her eyes, “You promised to help. I called to for help and you promised.”

Laughing, Della leaned against the counter, shrinking her form and looking more like an old woman with a bad back, “That was before…”

“No!” Thalos stood a little taller, taking a step forward. “That was before you said a thing. I realize what you are doing and no we will not give in. Guys, she’s trying to bluff us. She trying to get us riled up. That thing, the shadow, we need to be prepared, but Della is right. We need to do this on our own.”

Suddenly Della started clapping, “Well said Jester, well said indeed. I thought you too stupid, but I guess I SAW wrong.” She took a hold of his arm and shook him, “You my boy, shouldn’t doubt yourself. You are stronger than you think.” She turned to Teri, “Now my dear, you see?”


  1. I feel really bad for Teri. Sometimes brutal honesty is good, but it's best when you know your audience and the situation well enough to decide if brutal honesty is merited for that person and in that setting.

    1. Oh Teri's not the only one. Thalos has his moments too. But Teri does get the short end, we shall see where this leads them. :-)

  2. Oooh... I like that ending paragraph, and the nicknames she has for each of them -- perhaps giving us a clue as to their nature? But I have as many questions now as Della does! LOL

    1. I'm having a lot of fun with these characters, so much more to come. :-)

  3. Interesting. Are you using Greek mythology as your framework? I love mythology. :-) I liek that bit at the end with the unexpected person being the one to catch the trick.

  4. Della sounds like my MIL except with wisdom where my MIL lacks it lol. I feel bad for Teri, but yes, honesty is sometimes and oftentimes very necessary. Great excerpt.

  5. Awww, poor Teri! Sounds like a particularly unpleasant way to learn something!


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