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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Renaissance Faire and Progress

Okay, so I was out and about this weekend and I didn't get much done Friday night until today. But I regret nothing. NOTHING, I SAY!!!

Yesterday was Ren Faire day, she up early and donned the fantastical costumes that Sara made for us, sans wings (we ran out of time). It was a day of turkeys, armoured joists, and bawdy poets and horny monks. I ask you, Dear Readers, if you are from NYS, are you are familiar with the Sterling Renaissance Faire? It's a fun time, but involves A LOT of walking. Daymn!!! The hubs and I took Sara, Ryan, and Kaylara to their first visit. It was a good day!! More pictures to follow...

We be Sexy, Biches!!
This means that nothing got done yesterday, and very little tomorrow. I went to see theatre folk perform Happy Days the Musical. A fun little take of the classic TV show of the same name. Not I am writing this update and completing the long week ahead of me. The evil day job has been keeping me busy during the day. Le sigh!

This Week:
     *Exercise: walked a lot at the Ren Faire on Saturday. I think at about at least 5 to 6 walks. Was very tired by day's end, so I was sufficiently exercised out.
     *House Tending: I am feeling that I am taking better care of the house in the last week. Today I mowed the lawn, finished laundry, and took out the garbage. Also, I trimmed the cat's nails. BONUS POINTS FOR ME!
     *Social Media: visited 4 blogs daily since Wednesday (okay I may have scrunched 8 into today). And I kept up with my sponsor duties. Cpent a little time on twitter.
     *Editing: i may have got to some more pages, but can't remember, so I will leave it alone.
     *Reading: did not finish Murder Comes Shore (Julie Anne Lindsey). I think I am over a third of the way through it though. Spent more time on The Amber Spyglass (Phillip Pullman) and The Festival of Bones (James A. Owen). Festival is a different story than Owen's Imaginarium books, but he has a flare for language and creates some amazing characters. Read most of Thursday away, not a bad choice of the days activities! :-)
      *Writing: wrote my ROW80 post Wednesday. That's it! I feel bad. I want to write 6 days out of the week (at least). Last week was Sunday- ROW80, Monday and Tuesday - Writing blitz and poetry, Wednesday - ROW80. Thursday was recovery from Weird Al, and nothing until today with ROW80. Need to be better on this! Monday through Friday, write, write, WRITE!! Also, need to not be hard on myself!!

This (upcoming) Week:
     *Reading: continue with The Amber Spyglass, The Festival of Bones, and Murder Comes Ashore. I am liking all of these thus far.
     *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words, Monday through Friday. This is my priority and the big focus for the rest of August.
     *Editing: at least 4 pages of The Real Road Trip (NaNoWriMo). I want the first revision done by August 31st. The next biggest goals.
     *Blogging: 1 new Non-ROW80. Need to create a schedule. I think that will help with this.
     *Submission: 2 new submission. Got a rejection a few days after last submission. That bummed me out. Thinking I need to try something different on my approach. Looking for suggestions on submitting, Dear Readers?

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It's where you set some goals, post them to your blog, and check-in twice a week at the Blog Hop. Come on in for a visit!!



  1. I've been to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival many many times. And just love it!!! Love it! I mean love it! Glad that you had a good time.

    And you definitely get bonus points for trimming the cat's nails. I can't even imagine doing my cats' nails.

  2. Ooh, that's fun, I've always wanted to go to a Ren Faire! Love Pulp :-)

    1. I recommend everyone give it a try, at least once!! :-)

      My good friend from college put this on a mix tape for me. I love it!!

  3. Been to both the Sterling Ren Faire and the Sterling Forest one... both very different, but both really cool. Wanted to go this year, but so very busy... so... envious! :-D

    Sounds like you're staying mostly ahead of the game though, Cindy. Sometimes one thing drags as another rushes ahead. Hooray on the cat's claws. I hate that task.


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