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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Birthday and Theatre Day, Some Progress...

It my birthday today, so I didn't do much writing or editing. I am not bothered by that as it was a good weekend. But because I didn't get to any that means that its back to reality on Monday.

This Week:
     *Reading: finished Smoke and Mirrors (Neil Gaiman), continuing with The Amber Spyglass (Phillip Murder Comes Ashore (Julie Anne Lindsey, The Festival of Bones (James A. Owen).
     *Editing: finished editing about 4 1/2 pages of The Real Road Trip.
     *Writing: wrote on Thursday about 600 words.
     *Social Media: visited 4 blogs Wednesday and Thursday, 3 blogs on Friday and sponsor duties. On track!
     *Exercise: I walked to improv practice on Thursday.

It's not much, but I had the improv show Friday night. made about 70 dollars and made several people laugh. Then I cleaned my house Saturday, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cat litter, and garbage. Saturday night was game night in Elmira with Fluxx and a Pop Culture Party Game (Geek Out!) And today it was The Curse of the Manley Manor in Montour Falls (getting to be in a magic show during intermission),  and  then dinner at Sorge's (with message from the kitchen). Finally my sweet little Ratty Darling gave my these wild flowers.

This week is back to the goals, but also it's birthday week with Weird Al on Wednesday and Renaissance Faire on Saturday.

This (upcoming) Week:
     *Reading: finish Murder Comes Ashore. Continue with The Amber Spyglass and The Festival of Bones.
     *Writing: write daily. At least 300 words and write Monday through Friday.
     *Editing: 2 pages a day, at least of the Real Road Trip (NaNoWriMo novel 2014).
     *Blogging: 1 new non-ROW80 post. I have some ideas for post that I have been hoarding. This might be a good time to pull that list out.
     *Submissions: been deficient on this goal. Need to return to this goal, so this is a required goal. 2 new submissions this week.
     *Social Media: visit 4 blog daily and sponsor duties.

Ooooo magic!!
Maggie the Actress bound for school in LA

Food with Message (I think I know the cook.
Wildflowers from Kaylara


  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoy your exciting birthday week plans. Birthday week only comes around once a year so you should take some time and enjoy.

    1. It was a fantastic week indeed. More pictures to come!!

  2. Oh wow! Happy belated birthday! The Amber Spy Glass is really good, I think you'll enjoy it. Good luck with all your goals. :)

  3. Happy birthday!(a couple days late) sounds like you had a good time

  4. Smoke and Mirror is interesting collection of short stories. I like them all, especially changes. Weird Al makes great parodies. I used to have his music on my hard drive.
    Editing is a tedious work.
    Best of luck your next week's goal. Tedious work, and then some when nudging writing on to one's document processor. Passing you some coffee.

    1. I will never turn down coffee so thanks. This is the first time since writing this novel last November that I have made progress on editing.


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