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Monday, August 17, 2015

Let's Tardis Hop...for Funsies

Much to be said and much to do now that I am back from fantasy land...

This Week:
      *Reading: been plowing throw The Amber Spyglass (Phillip Pullman) and coursing through The Festival of Bones (James A. Owen). Nothing completed yet, pretty sure I will have Amber Spyglass done by Wednesday or Thursday.
       *Writing: wrote Wednesday, Thursday, and a little on Friday. Weds. and Thurs. were Modern Muses writing blitzes. The story is getting good. I might use it for NaNoWriMo 2015. Friday I wrote a poem, because wanted to make it to five days in a row of writing. I got 4 days of work on the WIP and one day of poetry. Not bad, certainly better than previous weeks with only two or three days of any kind of writing.
      *Editing: Edited more of The Real Road Trip on Weds and Thurs. Nothing Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Trying for five days a week on editing, in the same vein as the writing goal.
      *Social Media: I stopped at Friday. Too days to enjoy being outside and with friends that I sacrificed Friday. I did get 4 blogs daily Weds and Thurs. and all sponsor duties completed.

The Sexy Summer Duo!
It's too nice of a summer to ignore going out and enjoying life on weekends. And summer is about enjoyment and outside (or at least not glued to a computer screen). There will be plenty of days coming where being outside is not worth a dime. I have only one more weekend where I can travel before summer ends , officially that is. Labour Day marks summer end for me. As the final day before school begins, I have always held that before Labour Day is summer, after is autumn. Thus, I fill my summer weekends with traveling and fun stuff and after this summer of determination and self discovery, I realized I need to have weekends to play during the summer months.

With that being said, autumn is a good season, with colours changing, crisp air, pumpkin everything, and that last minute feeling that the world is alive. It's a joyous time and one that I fully embrace, even if it's sad at the 'death of the greenery' of summer. There is magic in the green and growing, by there is a subtle quiet beauty in the death of summer and beginnings of autumn. Like curling up in your favourite chairs with a cup of cocoa and reading a favourite book, wearing hoodies, orange, red, and gold, bonfires, etc.

This weekend was Twin Tiers Comic Con, the small but mighty local convention of nerdom, fandom, and all things that we love to geek out about. This was my third convention In have attended since 2013 and my friend Amanda's first. (I dressed her as the 4th Doctor) We ran into many and almost stole the Tardis away :-) Well Donna did! Here are a few shots from the land of the nerds in my neck of the woods.

So what of this week? A return to form and only slightly behind.

Also, I got to see a production of Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by March Hare Productions and a reprise of Centre Stage's Another Visit to the Golden Age of Radio. A very theatr-centric weekend. If you are local March Hare's Virginia Woolf performs next weekend. For more details check them out here, March Hare!

This (upcoming) Week:
    *Reading: finish The Amber Spyglass and The Festival of Bones. So close! SO CLOSE!!!! I will do it!!
    *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words.
    *Editing: edit 4 pages a day (or more) of The Real Road Trip. I am trying to get through the manuscript by August 31st.
    *Blogging: plan and post a new non-ROW80 post this week (before Friday at the latest).
    *Social Media: 4 blog daily (2 from WIPpet Wednesday) and sponsor duties. Spend sometime on twitter and connect with followers. I need to find a way to measure this.
    *Submission: 2 submissions. I to spend sometime on looking for journal, sites, and contests to submit to. If you have any, please share. I am looking for poetry, stories, and even play site to submit to.

A Round of Words in 80 Days, the blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come check us out and visit the Blog Hop and visit with other writers, poets, and bloggers. cheer them on!! HUZZAH!

It's was a hot and humid weekend. Almost like summer decided to come back to play. After a cooler and wetter beginning to the summer, this hot weather feels good. What do you like about the end of summer? How do you spend the last weeks of August, Dear Readers? For me it's one weekend more of travel you visit family, the State Fair, and maybe a trip to a nearby amusement park (Seabreeze and /or Eldridge Park).


  1. Sounds like a loverly weekend! I plan to soak up the next autumn or two here in the Adirondack foothills, because we'll be moving to Oregon after that, and while there's a lot less snow, there are also fewer leaf trees, and not much frost, so the colors will not be the same...

    You ComiCon sounds like one we might be interested in, and it's CLOSE! I hope you'll remind me next year - maybe we could meet IRL.

    The seasons seem to blend seamlessly into one another; without school's imposed schedule, we flow with the seasons....

    Today was the hottest day of the summer, so I stayed in. Tomorrow, I'll be going out to t'ai I'll get outside at least for a while.

    May your week be lovely and productive!

    1. You bet I'll let you know when TT Comic Con rolls around again!! I like the thought of meeting my writer friends IRL. :-)

  2. Summer here is usually unbearably hot unless it is pouring. I adore when it starts to get cooler and everyone else goes back to school, but we don't really have seasons. Actually we do, summer, tourist season, love bug season and hurricane season. I am glad you had a good time at your con and love the pictures. Enjoy your last weekend of summer freedom before you head back to the grind. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hoping friend.

    1. Oddly enough summer is still hanging on. Not bothered by that, it's just 90+ is a surprise for early September. Enjoying it though! The foliage is starting to change and that is exciting. Everything is still green, mostly and warm. I'm okay with this for now anyway. :-)


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