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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday is...

It's a Wednesday, yes it is. And again, I seemed to have almost forgot about it. Almost because it's not 11:00 at night. So, that's good. NaNoWriMo has been done for a few days and I am waiting before I work on the revisions. I am still not sure how I am going to do it. I'm gotten some advice and watched some video blogs on the subject matter. Still not sure. I know i want to actually work on revising this sucker. I have worked too hard to not make a solid attempt at revising, rewriting, and then moving into the seek out publisher. I have a long way to go before then, but it's time to try it. I also have two other novels to do this with. Oy!

Anyway, today is really low key. I have been staying low key for the last couple of days.. It's December and I need to work on Christmas now. Funny each year I am living, I find that time passes much faster than when I was a kid. why is last, Dear Readers?

Time for the ROW80 check-in!

This Week:
     *Writing: This week I have been working on dialogue for the the KLP Xmas show that week put on every holiday season for Hammondport's Christmas in the Park. If you don't know where Hammondpsort, NY is, then you are missing out. A quaint little town in the Finger Lake Region of New York State, on the shores of Keuka Lake. It was voted America's "Coolest Small Town" in 2012. I do a bit of theatre up in this area.
     *Reading: finally moving on Maddaddam (Margaret Atwood), almost halfway.
    *Social Media/Visiting: I have returned to my daily goals. I went and visiting 8 blog yesterdays (for Monday and Tuesday).

To Work On (going to stick with three goals this week):
     *Editing: this has been pushed back constantly, because of other project. I am going to get to it before Round's End. I swear I will!
     *Blogging: 1 new blog this week (not counting ROW80 check-ins).
     *Goals: going to make the most of the rest of this Round.

Also, Round a Words is a Blog Challenge that knows you have a life. Check out the Blog Hop. See what we are all up to.

Still in my two weeks of theatre craziness. If I seem a bit befuddled, that would be why. I have a Christmas Tree up (alas don't have a picture to post, yet). I feel like I should be writing, Dear Readers. I have seen others comment on the NaNo withdrawal, other call it mourning, some are glad for the break. What are you up to post NaNo, pre-holidays, snow or no? Me, working on the shopping part, trying to get done before it get too late, getting yuletide cards on the mail, and other holiday prep work. Feeling cheerier than some, but also a little overwhelmed. No real happy medium this month it seems.

Ah well! Have a great week, Dear Readers!

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy, hectic schedule. hope the play goes well. All the best in editing as well.


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