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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Busy Sunday and Progress Was Made

Hello, Dear Readers!

I am a little behind and a touch overwhelmed. But, that's a normal state for me since the beginning of autumn.

With that being said, I am happy. I have my later afternoon coffee and my Yule Tunes. I braved the Sunday shoppers, something I am not terribly fond of. Something about crowds and spending money. It's not a Scrooge thing, but I always seem to think simply when December comes around.

So, I will give you my update and shorter as it is...

This past week:
    *Writing: finished the H'port Christmas show script. David's concept was chosen, Green Eggs and Hammondsport Christmas, using various Dr. Seuss and his characters and throwing in various songs. Basic plot centers around A Star Thief stealing the Who's Christmas Star. The Whos think the Grinch stole it, but this is a year after the BIG Christmas theft by the Grinch, he is reformed, so he sets out with Max and Cat in the Hat to find the star. I whole a big chunk of the dialogue and then David wrote the narration and filling out the dialogue.
           -Also have a story that I am working on tonight. It's been eating away at me for about a week now. that's next on the docket.
     *Theatre: working on getting sheet music and backing  tracks for the shoe mentioned above. Also organizing rehearsals, promotion, props, and costumes. Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor (but I have David and Sara sharing duties, many hands they says...). It's not really that bad, but when we do this show, which happens in a 2 week time span, everything feels nuts. Lake Country Improv performed Friday, good crowd, made a little money, made people laugh. So, was successful, seeing as we had a rotating audience as people came and went. But, it's our biggest audience on whole, about 40 or so, coming in and staying for a game or two, then leaving again. I feel good. Was about 2 hours straight of improv (with a break for the parade). Felt like a marathon.  Oh and working on audition material for my auditions next week, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap. Show won't start rehearsing until January, so, after the last day of auditions (Tuesday, December 16th) I will get a break.
      *Reading: marathon read the last of Maddaddam (Margaret Atwood). At first I thought the third book was slow; the pacing of the first two were far more active, with new stuff coming at you constantly. Maddaddam was different as it was set in one place and focused more on two of the characters, Zeb and Toby. While nice, I felt the pacing slowed right down. And then WHAM the last third of the book picked up, making it really exciting. I enjoyed it and the whole series. Bittersweet end, but it worked. If you want something different, go read Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood, and Maddaddam, Cork-Nut! :-)
      *Social Media/Visiting: Off and on. Missed yesterday, but I was sleeping and recovering from the marathon improv-o-ganza.
      *Chistmas prepping: shopping, decorating the house, thinking about baking cookies and breads (also the Xmas dinner - Roast Beast maybe?).

This Week:
      *Writing: try to squeeze some between the hours, even if it's just a poem or a blog. Something to keep the juices flowing.
      *Editing: time to take The Audition off the back burner and work on it. It's a re-write, but it's been slow cooking for a while and it's time to finish it. Also, I will be printing a copy of The Real Road Trip (my NaNoWriMo Novel) for editing in January, well, Round 1 of editing.
      *Reading: start The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman) and finish The Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer).
      *Theatre: See H'port Christmas Show above.

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So question time, Dear Readers! What do you feel about snow and the holidays? Do you like snow for Christmas/Holidays? Do you get snow? Or have a green holiday? I need some snow to complete the feel of the season. I grew up in Fredonia, NY, off of Lake Erie where Lake Effect is a state of being most winters. Don't get a lot of Lake Effect in Corning. And for that I'm thrilled, because I don't miss it, but I do miss having snow in December. I am still hoping for enough snow to make Christmas awesome. What about you?

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