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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Round 4 is put to bed...2014

It is the end of Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days and I honestly feel like ..."Not with a bang, but a
whimper!" I did so good, and then POOF! Oh well, I am not going to be too upset. The year is ending on a high note overall.

Christmas was a delightful day, expect for a sinus headache early in the morning. Spent time with the Scott family and then opened presents with the Hubs in the afternoon. The even was Doctor Who Christmas Special. Yeah, a pretty great day around. I got a Lil Bub and new Tardis blanket: other goodies included a My Little Pony Cocoa/Cup set (old school), Doctor Who Haiku, a figurine of Peter Capaldi and Amy Pond, and some new jeans. A good haul over all. Present that were given were enjoyed equally.

Yesterday was a trip to Ithaca and a bit of shopping and waffles with the Hubs, and then dinner and Munchkin at Soulful Cup Coffeehouse (with coffee). A friend was up from Knoxille, TN visiting and it was a nice night for hanging. While today was laundry, vacuuming, and dishes (which I have yet to get to. Not my favourite chore). I also  got my blocking schedule complete and emailed out. I am begin to do some preliminary blocking and going to work on the Murder Chorus that will play at the top of the show. The murder that happens at the top of the show will be a prerecorded bit at the beginning (that is not a spoiler). So, I will be writing a bit to top of this Round at least. Feeling very excited about Mousetrap and excited to start rehearsing. Also am glad for a few weeks of rest and recuperation.

I learn quite a bit about my ability to multitask and what I can and can't do at the same time as 5 other projects. A good thing to know. I also know how much editing is a thing I need to work on and how much I like to write when not overwhelmed. So, maybe only 3 projects at a time. Hehehe :-)

I performed as Trinculo in The Tempest, I wrote a 1 act and co-wrote a Christmas Show with the Hubs, learned how to produce a show, did a lot of improv with awesome people, preparing to direct a classic piece of theatrical history in the new year, and met Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

Not really anything else to report, Dear Readers. For once I am quiet, that is strange to say. 2014 was  very good year, despite some rough patches and a fully crazy life. There are a number of plans and early goals to work on in 2015. This is also very exciting. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Little Ol' Blog. definitely got some new plans and revamping to Here There be a Writer. Stay tuned for more...

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