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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Snow and Lights!

Day off from everything! 

Am writing a bit and trying to organize things for the H'port Christmas Show on Saturday. We are in the middle of a northeaster and it is snowing, not as much as everyone expected, but snow nonetheless. Had to change plans and miss the Celtic Thunder concert tonight in Buffalo. Am bummed, but feel like I made the better choice. iI have time to get some stuff done and maybe relax a little. I have been a little stressed, more than I thought I was.

I can guess at why. Too much to do and not enough time, seems like I always get like this for Christmas, even when I am feeling joyous and cheerful. I have also been a little frustrated that I haven't set down to write anything new. Well, I did just finish a 30 minute (roughly) spell. It's a little Christmas story about a man to owns a Christmas Tree lot and is dealing with modern troubles. It's very random, but I found a bit more of the story, after I cooked and ate dinner. Meatballs and left over stuffing and smashed potatoes. Yum!

Bob rubbed his gloved hands together trying to keep the cold at bay, “It’s not like there’s a lot of money in Mercy nowadays, Mrs. Crabble. You know, they couldn’t even afford to get one of my trees for the town celebration. Or maybe they went with a Trees R Us tree. I don’t even know, haven’t been in town to see.”

“You should come over to Trees R Us, Barry. I’m telling you, they are so much better than these runty shrubs,” Mason raised his voice to cover the lot and the five customers.

“Are they real?” asked Barry who was now talking with Mason openly now.

“Guaranteed to not shed,” said Mason as he kicked Bob’s Blue Spruce trees. The needles feel off in clumps. Bob winced and blushed. The young mother with a small boy eyed the scene and had seen the Blue Spruce which had shed the most needles. It was one tree, but she walked over fingered the branch and several more needles fell off. She humphed and marched out of Bob’s lot, dragging the boy who was now crying because he wanted that Blue Spruce.

“But are they real?” asked Barry again.

Mason dodged the question as continued on the virtues of Trees R Us. Bob eyed Mason; sure he was deliberately trying to draw business away. He had the crowd’s attention, “Trees R Us trees come in every shade of colour.”

Update time...

This past week:
      *Reading: slowly reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman). It's really good and I want to adsorb all of it.
      *Writing: finished draft of H'port Xmas Show, well that was early this week. Wrote more on Christmas Trees, the working title of the story above. Not sure where it is going, but it's finding it's way.
      *Theatre: rehearsals for the H'port Xmas Show, call Green Eggs and Hammondsport Christmas is coming along. We have three more days or rehearsing before we perform this show one time and one time only. Crazy! It's the story of the Whos Christmas Star and everyone thinks the Grinch took it. It's a year after the Grinch's attempted theft of Christmas. Second story plot involves some runaway things and Horton, Cindy Lou Who, and Daisy Head Maisie trying to get them back. A fun little show! If you are in the area, you should stop by Saturday at 4:00 pm for the show.
      *Christmas: I got more lights...the house looks pretty, inside and out. I have pictures!! Tree and window lights...

Outside of House in Dark

Work in Progress:
       *Editing: well, I found my notes on The Audition, that's as far as I got. It's something. Next week I will have more time, even though Christmas will be nigh upon us.
       *Blogging: I am determined to blog on Friday, somehow!

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  1. I'm glad the "outside the house in the dark" photo was labelled lol! I love the Christmas tree. We need to get ours this weekend.

  2. What a delightful post! I loved the Christmas Tree Lot story. This deserves to just come right along. It's also refreshing to hear that a story doesn't just spring out fully formed. Those pics of the front of the house in the dark were hysterical, but then we get to see the tree inside and the house outside -- with snow! BTW, loved the bookshelves. That's what my office looks like. For many, the end of the year is especially intense. But the writing still perks right along. Hope you will post more of your 'Tree Lot' story and have a great week.


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