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Friday, December 19, 2014

End of Week Thoughts - Falling Short?

I got my new glasses. No more duck tape on the nose bridge. Heavens, Duck Tape irritates the skin! Also is the fastest way to drain a bank account. Only 2 hours after my direct deposit went in, it was gone. Still, I have a new pair of specs, actually 2. It was a Buy 1, Get 1 free deal. The second pair I will get in about a week. Getting used to them, I think my face is crooked, but the glasses stay in place (mostly).

The inside of the frame is a pretty robin egg blue!
Been a quiet week over all, what I have gotten done has been housework, Christmas shopping (which was why the bank account was low to begin with), sleeping, and reading.

I have my cast for The Mousetrap. We had our first read through yesterday. I am most excited, it's a great
group of actors. Now, I have work to do with blocking, getting a set/scenery (well, I have a team for much of this)  and a whole slew of other things for this show. It being Christmas/Yule week and I going to slow down some and enjoy the calm of the end of the year. My cast has their scripts and will be working on memorizing their lines.

Finished Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman), going to be starting Neverwhere (also Neil Gaiman).

This Round is shaping up much different than I thought. Pleased that I finished NaNoWriMo. A bit frustrated that I let the writing slip, but not entirely, as I wrote dialogue for the H'port Xmas Show and some poems to keep the juices flowing. Could have been better, oh well, Round is not over yet and I have a better idea of what i want to accomplish at the top of the year. A Round of Words in 80 Days; come and visit the Blog Hop.

Have a safe and joyous holiday, Dear Readers!


  1. Cute new glasses!! Love that the inside frame is blue. How was the Gaiman book you just finished? Do you recommend or was it merely so-so? This morning I was reading some Russell Edson prose poems in the bathroom, and when I was done I had to rush to my notebook to jot things down. There are certain types of poetry/certain writers I can't read without getting inspired to write. Is that true for you?

    1. Thanks, Sione! I was pleasantly surprised. I am getting into his work, it definitely fantasy and dark. But there's truth to it too. I definitely recommend it if you are into Neil's work or like stories with fantasy. I get inspired by lots of things, but when it comes to writers, James A. Owen is a good one to inspire me, and any well written poetry often will spark some ideas. I need to need finish my Xmas Tree story. I get inspiration from that which is around, so a story about a Xmas tree seller smack me in the face. :-)

  2. We just got new glasses, and man, it was a sobering experience watching all that money fly out at one time.

    Listen, writing is writing, whether you're working on a book or writing dialogue for a play. I'd say you did better than you think you did.


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