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Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is Halloween, this is Halloween....Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN!!!

It's that time again for ghoulies and ghosties! So, while I am working on the third installment of my Book vs. Movie Adaptation Review: Oz Edition (up later in the week). I bring you some Halloween memories from the vault (the 80's vault).

Plastic Halloween Costumes:

If you were child of the 80's and the 70's, the plastic costume were a staple of many children's Halloween. I knew that I begged and begged for the Starlite costume one year (being really into Rainbow Bright in 1st grade. I managed to rip the butt of the costume before I got to take it to school for the Halloween parade . Thankfully my Dad had white duct tape to "fix" it. I was so happy to be marching around the school's grounds in a white suit that had a giant picture of Starlite across the chest and my plastic horse mask with eye holes that were probably too small to see out of. It didn't matter, because I was Starlite the Horse. The characters featured as plastic suits ranged from cartoon characters to television characters as the primary foci


Trick-or-Treat bags from school:

There was something exciting about getting my plastic trick-or-treat bag that the school would hand out prior to the big day and often included reflective tape and safety tips.

 School Halloween Parties:

Back in the day when it was okay to bring in treat around Halloween for the school's Halloween festivities. This included some kid's mother coming in to drop off boxes of cupcakes or container of cider. There was also candy corn, apples, and popcorn. Halloween at school often meant that your regular activities were suspended or reduced for the tricks and treats.

Halloween Safety videos(?):
Just watch Halloween Safety part 1 and part 2

Halloween Specials:

You know you got excited when the "Great Pumpkin" special came on!  Or Garfield!
Halloween was one of those magic times that still makes me feel like a kid even after all these years. I can get awfully giddy when the Great Pumpkin comes on, or seeing pumpkin patches, Halloween decorations, Halloween parties, and watching spooky movies.

Go dress up in your plastic suit, grab your sack, and go get yer candy!!

Happy Halloween to all and to all a Blessed Samhain!!

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