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Thursday, October 3, 2013

October is Book vs. Movie Adaptations

I am excited to try my first ever themed month.

So, while Whorehouse goes into it's second weekend of performances; I am also tying to figure out what I am going to doing writing wise until November/NaNoWriMo. I did okay on Toasted Cheese's Mini NaNo. What with Whorehouse rehearsals, I fell short towards by he end. I did come out with some interesting  ideas.

How did I come up with Book vs. Movie Adaptations?

I am an avid readier and over the past year I have found pleasure in comparing books to their movie counterpart. I am a follower of the reviewers on That Guy with the Glasses and other similar reviewers; I tried my hand at reviewing with, "Eragon" (it's my highest viewed blog to date) and then with, "The Dark is Rising". Then there was this idea bouncing around my head. What about reviews of young adult fiction novels that has been turned into movies. There are a large number of books that have been made into movies over the years. Heck, I even have some of these movies! Why not, then?

It's a passion and part of doing something you love is because there is passion there. One must point out that it has also helped my attention to detail when viewing movies, television shows, and even books.

When picking out a specific theme, I didn't really have trouble. I kind of already knew that I would go back to young adult fiction. There are so many novels, stories, and prose that elucidates amazing stories, often stories that I have to return to time and time again.

There where so I start?

Probably, the easiest place, is to start with a standard (in my opinion) with the late and amazingly great
Madeleine L'Engle's, "Wrinkle in Time". Yes, there is a movie of this book. I actually liked in too. But now is not the time for a review (that'll happen over the weekend). Disney produced and filmed a movie adaptation that I will compare to the beloved novel (I will probably get angry, but that's okay. It's kind of my job).

And to make you come back for more, I am not going to ruin the surprise of the other three reviews I will be doing this month. You shall have to come back if you want to know (evil grin).  But, I am always interested to hear what books people are interested in, Dear Reader. I would to hear suggestions for future reviews, especially if there is a movie/television adaptation of it. Leave me a comment below.

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