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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Playwright? You bet....

So, my writing was selected and (2-1 acts) performed at a fundraiser spaghetti dinner Mother's Day weekend by the Keuka Lake Players. Wow!

I am still in shock over this. That my writing is good enough to be selected is still blowing my mind. I haven't always wanted to be a writer; at first it was a veterinarian, then a librarian, now it's definitely a writer. I definitely loved books, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to be a librarian, but there is something about writing that gets me going.

My good friend Leah told me last night, after the dinner where I was presented this this beautiful certificate you see above, "God loves the Creative process." Those word really stuck with me. The Creator, God, Goddess, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Mother, Father (you name a name and I will include it. You get the picture) seems to really thrive within the creative. I can see a number of creative folks who are spiritual in some sense of the word (it's not an exclusive thing either), as spiritual can be how you feel about science, nature, god, the universe, or the Doctor :-). This is a religious/faith based blog, per se, but it resonated that the Powers of the Universe really enjoy this creative process.

Josh and Bug join me in this Writing Club
Writing is much like giving birth to a child, there is pain, but also this profound sense of completion (not having kids I can only imagine, but I have plenty of friends who have told me something akin to this). It's not just writing either, when I directed "Charlotte's Web" or assisted Directed "Sweeney Todd" I felt a closeness to something greater. I put my whole into those projects, so that other people could enjoy these things too. Because of that, I would like to think I have made the world a better place by making (birthing) something beautiful. It's probably why I am an actor too. When I am onstage, my world becomes that part I am playing. These are the things that truly make me happy, but writing has become the thing MOST close to my heart.

If you were to ask me, I would say that I am a poet first, but after this past year, writing plays has certainly moved up on my list. I have also wrote a novel (still in the editing process) and a screenplay (also in process). I am not limiting myself, I am writing anything and everything I can. I want to be a writer! I am a writer.

Something that is also important, and has proven to help me grow as a writer is that bolstering of talent amongst my fellows, both young and older. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing others create and thrive because I helped give them a chance, that I believed  in them (and continue to do so), and that  I will not let them fall (not my words originally, but that are so profound). This was the case during the Lake Country Players 1st 24 Hour Theatre. I saw new writers, directors, and actors making amazingly beautiful things for the world to enjoy. I also saw amazingly awesome things during Charlotte's Web, which I also feel that way about. The talent that was in that show blew me away, and I got to help feed the talent and confidences in all of those actors and crew members. It really does do my heart good.

 To all those out there; I believe in you! Go out there and make something beautiful! Inspire others! Keep watch and be good to others both hominid and animalian. :-) I leave you with a quick poem about:

A Man and His Cat
Lucy on David's Butt!

When you walk,
walk slow
I will follow.
To you you might not see
that I am really listening,
but remeber
I am always there
upon your lap
or by your feet.
A sound reminder that
I have not left.


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