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Saturday, March 9, 2013

How I got Here: Doctor Who

You know something? It wasn’t long ago that I a regular person. I didn't become a Whovian, in any sense of the word until that faithful day I decided to watch the episode "Rose". Before that, I knew what Doctor Who was, or who he was. But did I paid attention to the newest incarnation? No, not really. I had two friends in particular who loved to geek out to Who during any of our theatre get togethers, specifically our annual summer picnics at Jane's. Usually just smile and nod while they talked about the Tardis, Daleks, and the Doctor.

It was after Jane moved to Wisconsin, that I began my trek into the Who-Verse. I don’t think that having a close friend move away would cause me to suddenly get into a show, that was just odd timing. I think I was looking for an excuse to start watching, and now Amanda was in need a fellow local Whovian to geek out with (so it only made sense that it be me). I was also sick of being lost whenever hearing about anything Doctor Who, David Tennant, or Matt Smith. I had/have so many Whovian friends that i could help but feel lost. Since getting the streaming Netflix through the PS3 and with all (well MOST) of the current Doctor Who up there (and in one place) it made it easier  to get sucked into.

But I think the REAL reason is that after having listened to both Jane and Amanda talk about it for so long I just got curious. So, I cite those two as my biggest influences of things Doctor Who.

What I found there-in the Tardis and the time/space vortex-was a magical and well thought out show with nary an unwatchable episode; barring “Love and Monsters” (we will not discuss that one at this time). I was introduced to Christopher Eccleston.


I, Cynthia Scott, I am a Whovian!


Christopher Eccleston was my first. He is the Doctor I wanted to dance with and go to the end of the universe with. Something about those big arsed ears, bright blue eyes, and that goofy grin. He was FAN-TASTIC!!! At the end of his season I was sad to see him go. I told myself and other Whovian friends that I wasn’t going to like Tennant. No way! He wasn’t Eccleston. How could anyone be as awesome as Eccleston in “The End of the Universe”, “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances” (my favourite episodes), or “Bad Wolf/Parting of Ways”? If you say run, I will follow you, Doctor!

Well, then I started the Tennant years and DAMN! The first episode I was a bit disappointed, because Tennant spent most of the episode out cold from regenerating. When I got further into Series 2, Tennant became the thing that made me all warm and smooshy inside. He also lasted 3 plus years, which meant a lot of adventures were to be had with him. In that time Rose stayed and then was lost (of we knew where she was, but couldn’t get there), then Martha who came and left on her own, and then Donna Noble (who I sill think was cheated of her ending, wonderfully happy though it was). All were good companions, but one stuck out. Donna Noble! She was equal to the Doctor and also not a love sick puppy.

I liked how Rose and the Doctor were the closest thing to a real relationship until River Song came on the scene ~not really a SPOILER~. It was sweet! It was hard to see Martha placed in that role and her clinging to the hope of the Doctor’s love. It got old after a while. Donna was unique in that she didn’t want to have a physical relationship with the Doctor. I feel like that gave the writer’s more room to expand her character and the adventure they had. Of all of Tennant’s seasons, Donna Noble’s year was/is my favourite. Favourite episodes include are a plenty here, so I will narrow it down; “Fires of Pompeii”, “Planet of the Ood”, “The Unicorn and the Wasp”, “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead”, and “Turn Left”. I also like “Midnight”, since both Turn Left and Midnight are episodes where the other in only briefly mentioned, it’s a fun side story for each. That’s not whittling it down, is it?

Going back to Rose and Tennant, my favourite episodes are; “School Reunion”, “The Girl in the Fireplace”, and “The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit”. The writing was the best in the Impossible Planet, but these stories are the ones that make me smile when I watch them. Did you even know that Billie Piper was a pop star before she became Rose Tyler. If you old news I am sure, but when I looked up some of her songs, I rather enjoyed them. Not the most intellectual, but Walk of Life is a pleasant little song.

Now with Martha I would have to go with, “The Shakespearean Code”, “Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks”, and “Blink”. Blink is the best writing and has less doctor, but soooooo good. The Shakespeare Code was just fun, and after having done a production of Midsummer’s Night Dream, I couldn’t help but enjoy this episode. Also, they refer to the town of ‘Freedonia’, which is ironic as I am from Fredonia, NY. HA! 

I haven’t forgotten Matt Smith. I am amused to look back and see how I was not really ready for him, in much the same way as Tennant, but ready to like him (as many friend were anti-Smith at the time). I told myself that I was going to have to deal with it and plowed through. I was so very pleased. To my surprise, I fell in love with him after “The Beast Below” with the Space Whale. It made me melt, and I realized that Matt Smith was gonna be great Doctor! The Angels return in “The Time of Angels/Flesh and Bone” and the Doctor and Amy visiting Van Gogh “The Doctor and Van Gogh” were probably some of the best episodes, writing wise and character development wise, and are my favourite episodes on Series 5. The season culminated/ended (?) with the Christmas episode, “A Christmas Carol” which is now my favourite version of Christmas Carol, outside of “The Muppet Christmas Carol”. That’s a tough choice! I have already battled against supreme Whovian Sara Love over it. It was left a tie! 

Seeing as Series 5 is its own story; the crack in the universe, one kind of needs to look at it as a whole. The writing was stellar, but nothing compared to Series 6. Damn! As much as almost continuous plots can irk me, because if you miss an episode then you are lost, the crack plot (ha! A pun…) kept me intrigued while still having fun with other stories that were going on at he same time.

Not Series 6 (I just like the picture).
Series 6 is more like a book with chapters and that you cannot put in down. Your reading and reading cause you want to know what happens next. All of the stories blend into each other and then into the bigger story of the Doctor. ~NO SPOILERS HERE~ So, I have a harder time pin-pointing episodes that are my favourite. In Series 6 I guess I would choose “The Doctor’s Wife” written by Neil Gaiman (that man is awesome in his own rite), “Let’s Kill Hitler!” (It’s not amazing writing, but it’s a fun episode, and “Closing Time” with the return of Alfie AKA “Stormadgeddon” and his Dad. In all, the whole season is noteworthy, with a well thought out plot and characters that are well developed.

Now Series 7 has changed it up with no long running story arcs in this first half. It felt good to have just simple (as simple as anything with the Doctor goes) stories to enjoy. Currently my favourite Series 7 episodes are “Asylum of the Daleks”, “A Town Called Mercy”, and “The Snowmen.” Clara is going to be a fun companion. Now to wait for be more Doctor….

In the meantime, I have been writing sonnet for the month of February/March. I asked friends to provide me with topics of various sorts. Seeing as I has number of Whovian friends n(both old and new), it became a battle to see what I could come up with topics ranging from Vashta Nerada, Tardis, Jammie Dodgers, and Wilfred Mott. I will leave you with a few of the sonnets inspired by all things Whovian....

Sonnet #5 Oh, where for art thou Tardis (or I Know of No Others)

I Know of No Others

I know of no others like you, my dear
considering the whole of time and space
you thunder along the threads that most fear 
in an eternal chase a constant race.

To you, all is but a game that is true
and the raggedy man who guides your might
together you are a team and both blue
leading the charge to the fragile earth's fight.

Yet so alone, in your beautiful grace
dancing amongst the stars in a time dance
not so alone, beside you he will race
the steps of the space waltz, held in a trance.

The two of you not so alone in time
nor least of space, your songs they always rhyme.


Sonnet #11 What the Vashta Nerada Thinks (or They Lie in Wait)

They Lie in Wait

They lie in the forest shadows fractured
Across the leagues of woody pulp bound books.
Their home, a library where they anchored
and hide them like predators inside nooks.

Waiting until one comes to the refuge
For a book and now they have two shadows.
In the middle of the lighted deluge
They are standing there frozen, locked in pose.

One moment you are, the next but a voice--
Echoing once more, before you looked down
Seeing shadows growing. What was your choice?
All that is left is just one more pronoun.

Silent hunters that roam the halls to wait
Spending still days until the Doctor’s bait.


Sonnet #13: Bernard Cribbins AKA Wilfred Mott (or Staring at the Sky)

Staring at the Sky

Staring at the sky through your telescope
At the far stars, wondering, is there more?
What is out there, holding out for a hope
‘Are there others? What could it all be for?’

He met a man, a doctor who unlocks
All of time and space into which he flees.
He landed upon earth in his blue box,
pronouncing defiantly Allons-Y!

But now the earth is bombarded with war
And Wilf with the Doctor rally the way.
They both climb inside the Tardis’ core
Going up and away they fly to save the day.

A dream came true for one who was biding
To prove he was in a space ship riding.


Sonnet #20 Jammie Dodgers and Fezs (or In Need of Jammie Dodgers)

In Need of Jammie Dodgers

When you are in need of some sustenance--
Running across the whole of time and space.
They are the perfect treat of preference
in space Florida you can rest someplace.

They also do in a pinch when you find
That you are hearing what four daleks state--
They are preparing to attack earth-kind,
Doing what they do best, exterminate.

There’s a simple solution to this plight--
You simply pull a Jammie Dodger out
And indicate that it will make all right
With one push, the button will make them pout.

To save the world in your own clever ways,
All while wearing a fez, not a beret.


Sonnet #25: Capt Jack Harkness’ Heart (or What Sorrow do You Hold)

What Sorrow Do You Hold

What sorrows do you hold with your own heart--
That escape through glances or a lone tear,
At the sight of a lover that has part
When only recently you have grown near.

A lifetime of memories you can count
Held solid by a tough disposition.
There is nothing that you cannot recount--
Those crushing memories give you action.

Born in a time not yet here were you,
Yet forever you have lived here on earth
And you still find ways to make others rue--
A penance is what yours is fully worth.

A time comes when all the tears you have shed
Will come together in a bliss soon wed




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