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Friday, October 22, 2021

OctPoWriMo Days still left in this journey....?!?!

 Days 20 through 22: I always feel like I am writing like I am running out of time. Hamilton makes so much sense in that. That is a constant rush, a incessant hurry, and I never seemed to be done. This year is no exception, as I have been last almost every day, yet, I still sojourn on.

I love the word Sojourn, btw.

Dear Reader, I present my three most recent writing fare for you. Please enjoy, drop me a line or some love in the comments section. I promise to review comments this week. 

Halloween is prepping and there is still much to do. But, fear not, there is pumpkins coming...


Day 20 - Exchange/Introduction (Etheree); 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10...

Creative Process



An idea…

Tell a friend who

Will tell a friend, then

Suddenly the idea

Grows past the introduction

And you have a living story,

Birthed by a family of others.

This is the connection authors strive for.


Day 21 - Joy/Effort (Acrostic)


Can it only be 31 days?

Or does that seem too easy?

My brain tells me to go for it,

‘Please,’ thinks my heart, ‘it is only a month.’

Let’s begin

Everyday I try to write, but

There is only so much time.

I can’t seem to find the time now

Oh, I am always beyond, I think, except 

Now I am not.


Day 22 - Past/History (Pantoum)

Remember Me

Funny how this space feels,

It is so much larger than it actually is.

Standing tall throughout the years,

How many lives lived here.

It is so much larger than it actually is,

When you feel the walls;

How many lives have lived here,

Before you came to be.

When you feel the walls,

Are they cool to the touch, or

Before you came to be, 

Is there a pulse, echoing through plaster?

Are they cool to the touch, or

Standing tall throughout the years

Is there a pulse, echoing through the plaster?

Funny how this space feels.

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