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Saturday, October 9, 2021

OctPoWriMo 2021: Days 9 and 10

Still behind, but not for long. I have included links for these poetic styles, which are brand new to me.

Day #9 - Refresh (The Bop) 6/8/6: refrains

Refreshing Problem

The problem is so very simple

When you want a drink

The water seems so far away,

Across the miles and over the river

To someplace you have never been,

Only wishing to go.

You can taste it in your dreams--

Imagine lying there,

Far removed from everything.

You are lying, cocooned away,

Maybe bound by something,

It is warm and comforting,

But you are still thirsty,

And nothing is in sight,

Except the darkness.

You can taste it in your dreams--

What if I say that it is time to wake up,

Open your eyes,

Maybe uncurl from the blankets

To find that the water, 

It is sitting on the end table,

Waiting for you to reach for it.

You can taste it in your dreams. 


Day #10 - End/Stop (End/Stop Poem!!!) see Day 10/9

Making the Change?

It is a never ending process.

To see the changes within the world.

Maybe remember that you can do it too?

Make changes within yourself too!

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